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Shannon MustipherNEW MAKER!

Brooklyn, NY, USA


home cook. drinks enthusiast. people person. All around bon vivant and collector of old kitchen and bar lore.

Gastutorily, I am a Southerner who knows old school cooking like the back of my hand, is an avid gardener who cooks mostly vegan but is always looking for an excuse to stew a hamhock, and is an appreciator of high end liquor who is not above drinking Gennesse or Rolling Rock. All told, I like simple food as much as I like fancy ingredients and over the top dishes...great tasting flavors ultimately have their basis in the pure and the natural.

I wear many hats, literally and figuratively: bartender, cocktail consultant, recipes editor, community gardener and all around supporter of the local and sustainable food movement.
I host everything from cocktail centric gatherings, to big family style crab boils, and small, six course tastings crafted from the best local produce.

When I am not busy tinkering with a recipe, pulling up weeds, or mixing up drinks, I enjoy collecting books that I hope I will get around to reading someday, listening to everything from Delta Blues to Parisian Electro, and last but not least, eating and drinking my way around Brooklyn and NYC.