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We're making recipes inspired by one of the greatest summer blockbusters of all time - 1993's Jurassic Park. Journey back to Isla Nublar with Edible Amber and T-Rex Goat Ribs. Dino babies not included (unfortunately).

Goat Ribs


  • 2 racks of goat

  • Olive oil (100 milliliters + a few glugs)

  • 4 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed

  • A few sprigs of thyme

  • A few sprigs of rosemary

  • A handful of maris piper potatoes

  • 2 slices of stale bread

  • 1 lemon, zested

  • A handful of parsley

  • 1 small savoy cabbage

  • 1 glass of white wine

  • Chicken stock (100 milliliters)

  • A bunch of tenderstem broccoli

  • A handful of spinach


  1. Preheat the oven to 200*C.

  2. Chuck the goat ribs into a bowl.

  3. Pour over the oil and throw in some of the thyme, rosemary and 2 of the garlic cloves.

  4. Marinate for 2 hours (optional).

  5. Peel and quarter the potatoes and chuck them into a pan of cold salted water. heat the water to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes until just soft then drain and leave to steam dry for a couple of minutes.

  6. Place the drained potatoes onto a roasting tray and toss with seasoned oil.

  7. Place the potatoes in the oven and roast for 30 minutes, turning until golden brown all over.

  8. Rip up the bread and add to a small food processor.

  9. Throw in the garlic, lemon zest, a few leaves of thyme and rosemary, plus all of the parsley.

  10. Season well and blitz to a fine crumb.

  11. Turn the oven down to 180*C.

  12. Tip the breadcrumbs out onto a baking tray, drizzle with oil and bake for 10 minutes, until crisp.

  13. Prepare the savoy cabbage by roughly slicing.

  14. Heat some oil in a pan and fry the cabbage for a minute then pour over the wine.

  15. Reduce the wine by half then add the stock to braise for 15 minutes before straining.

  16. Boil a pan of salted water and add the broccoli to cook for 10 minutes, until the stems are just soft.

  17. Sear the goat racks in a hot pan.

  18. Place onto a baking tray and roast in the oven for 10 minutes.

  19. Add the spinach to the pan used for the goat. Remove from the heat and let the spinach wilt a little.

  20. Scatter the breadcrumbs around each plate.

  21. Serve by arranging the greens and potatoes over the breadcrumbs and place 3 chops onto each plate.

Goat Ribs

Edible Amber


  • Dark rum (240 milliliters)

  • Passion fruit juice (320 milliliters)

  • Lime juice (160 milliliters)

  • Orange juice (160 milliliters)

  • Simple syrup (80 milliliters)

  • 12 sheets of gelatin

  • Fried crickets

  • A handful of pistachios

  • Knob of butter, melted (15g)

  • Brown sugar (30g)

  • 1 tablespoon of plain flour

  • 4 shortbread biscuits (25g)


  1. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water.

  2. Pour all of the ingredients into a pan, squeezing the orange and lime juices through a very fine sieve.

  3. Heat until the liquids come to a boil.

  4. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the sheets of gelatin.

  5. Pour half of the liquid into a loaf tin lined with cling film and place in the fridge to set.

  6. When the jelly is half set, push a cricket into the jelly then return to the fridge to set completely.

  7. Pour the remaining liquid over the set jelly and return to the fridge to set completely.

  8. Preheat the oven to 180*C.

  9. Crush the shortbread biscuits into rough crumbs and chop up the pistachios.

  10. Combine the plain flour, brown sugar, salt, crushed biscuits and chopped nuts in a bowl with the butter.

  11. Scatter the crumble mix onto a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes.

  12. Cover a plate with the crumble.

  13. Boil a bowl of water and heat a few small knives.

  14. Cut the jelly around the insects to create rough cut amber pieces.

  15. Place the amber onto the crumble mix and serve.

  16. Enjoy the jelly and the insects if you dare!

Edible Amber




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Hello and welcome to Bite Club. - Today we're looking at a 90's classic that is Jurassic Park. - You haven't seen it then? No... - Damn. - Jurassic Park was made in 1993. It made over 900 million dollars worldwide and it's been re-released this year in 3D. - Clever girl. In tribute to a scene where a T-rex nums all over a fluffy little goat, we're going to be creating some goat ribs to eat. - With foliage as well. - You can eat that, I'll eat the ribs. - And also a sneak preview here, edible amber with crickets, yes they are. Crickets, are you going to eat one? - I might, what about you? - No, I don't think so. I'm a bug-aterian. - Yep, not a thing. - Jurassic Park recipe one we're gonna be making goat ribs with actual goat. - Yep. - To start we're gonna prepare the vegetables and we've got some peeled potatoes here. We're gonna quarter them, probably better that you put the flat side down. - Yes, of course, health and safety. - So Jack could you put these on to boil? - Uh uh uh, you didn't say the magic word. - Please goddammit. Film quote. Now we're finally gonna slice the cabbage. Gosh, I know this sounds a really silly thing to say but smells really cabbage-y, smell that. - Yeah, you're right. - It's really strong. - It's a race. We're safely racing with knives. - I'm gonna let Jack win cuz I know he'll be really upset if he doesn't win. So to put in the blend we've got bread crumbs, rosemary, parsley, thyme, lemon zest, and some garlic. - We're making a very meaty goat dish, so where's all this going? - This is going on the base so this is gonna be like the earth underneath the goat ribs. - For us to attack. - And it's gonna add a lot of texture as well. -Oh I love lemon. - Prop the lid on and then blend it for a few minutes until it all combines together. - Hold on to your butts. - It actually does look like grass and earth, doesn't it? - It smells so great. - What we wanna do is put it in the oven for ten minutes, we're just gonna let it cook through so it's really nice and crunchy. Jack's gonna get the potatoes and then we're just gonna drain them, add some olive oil. Season with some salt and pepper and then put them in the oven for 20 minutes. Now, on to our cabbage. Jack can you pass them to me and the stock and the white wine? - What is this stock? - It's just chicken stock. We're gonna let the cabbage cook down for ten minutes now and while it's cooking we're gonna get on with our goat. So if you could pass me the goat ribs, Jack. - Yes, I can. - We're gonna put the goat ribs into a pan over a medium heat, meat side down. Let them go golden brown on the box and then we're gonna finish them off in the oven for another ten minutes. Finally, we're gonna boil our Tenderstem broccoli. Jack, can you get me the broccoli? - I'm on it. I knew what you were gonna say before you said it. - Now everything's ready, all that's left to do is plate up. - The story of Jurassic Park is about a bunch of hungry characters so we could've made loads of other different dishes for this, what could we have made? - Chilean Sea Bass or the lime jelly actually, that could've been a really good one with the little girl like that. - Yeah, you could've made a little panned lawyer who sat on a toilet seat and you could've pretended to be the dinosaur and numbed him up. Or a DNA cocktail, that could've been good but I think we've made a good choice here. I'm looking forward to these goat ribs because they smell great. - This looks absolutely brilliant, this cabbage smells delicious. Mmmmm - Mmmmm The crunchiness is great. - I love the garlic that's coming through and the crumbs. - Forget it, I'm having a bit of goat. This is definitely quite sophisticated compared to the way that the dinosaur eats the goat in the film. I don't think he would've gone to this preparation. It would've impressed on his dino-friends so he could've invited them around and served up a good meal. - What's it taste like? - It's good - Really lovely - My favorite bit is the potatoes with all the vegetables. - Yeah, and the Savoy Cabbage, I love this. I love the white wine this. - Oh yeah. - Overall, I think this is a winner. - Thanks dinosaurs. Welcome to Film Corner. I'm not afraid to make a joke twice. My top five film facts for this film are: fact number one, what animal noises do you think make up the sound of a dinosaur roar? I can tell you, a dog, a tiger, an aligator, making sense so far, elephant, and penguin. Sure of course it is, who tested the penguin? Let's see if that works, you're a genius. Ehhh, penguins don't go quake do they? Fact number two, the glass of water sitting on the dashboard that starts to ripple, didn't work. In the end, they used a guitar string and twanged it, and then boom boom boom dinosaur. I'm pretty sure though if a dinosaur was actually coming the glass would fall over. Number three, Universal paid Michael Crichton two million dollars for the rights to his book before it was even finished. It's a book, you might not have known that, that might be a fact to you but it still has the theme every time you open it. Questionable fact number four, when the T-rex smashes through the car and tries to eat the children apparently the glass wasn't supposed to smash causing the children to give real screams, genuine fear but I don't think that's real. I don't think Hollywood should be allowed to let glass accidentally smash over children. But then again there's dinosaurs wondering around so anything goes. And final fact number five, this one's good. When supervising the post production on the film George Lucas decided that technology was good enough to begin on the Star Wars prequels. Everything that ever goes wrong in Jurassic Park leads back to when the scientist extracted DNA from a fossilized mosquito in amber. Amber is important because that's what we're making now, we're making edible amber. Bingo, dino-DNA. Our edible amber bites are made from passion fruit and dark rum jelly because if we made it with the solid matter, it'd be hard to eat. So we're gonna pour alcohol jelly in our bodies with bugs, mmmmhh. To start with, soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. Pour the rum fruit juices and syrup into a pan. Squeezing the orange and lime juices through a very fine sieve, heat until the liquid comes to boil with the sugar, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the gelatin. Pour half the liquid into a loaf tin lined with cling film, and then place in the fruit to set. Push the bugs into the jelly when it's nearly set, and then return it to the fridge to set completely. Pour the remaining liquid over the jelly and then put it back in the fridge to set again. So much setting in this. Crush the shortbread into rough crumbs and then chop up the pistachios. Combine the plain flour, brown sugar, salt, crushed biscuits, and chopped nuts in a bowl with the butter. Scatter the crumble mix onto a baking tray and then bake it for ten minutes. Cover the plate with the crumble, boil a bowl of water and then heat a few small knives. Cut out rough amber pieces, you could have some fun with this, you could even make love heart ones and give it to someone you admire, give it to your mum. Then place the amber onto a crumble mix and serve ready to eat if you want to eat a cricket, I don't but I'm gonna have to now. Let's just go for it, shall we. - I'm sorry it does look really amazing and I love jelly and I love pistachios and I love shortbread but I don't like crickets. - How'd you know, have you ever had a cricket? - ♫ I don't like cricket ♫ sorry. Forget it, you don't know that Bob Marley. - You haven't seen the films so you can't say anything. I'm gonna go for the jelly first to start off safe. - Yeah, start on the outside. - It's the stuff I know. That is some good jelly. - Hmmm, that's really tasty. The orange flavor is really strong. - It is strong, it's very... - It's nice to have the contrast in texture with the jelly and the pistachio and the shortbread. - I genuinely interested, this is part of my life now. This is... Here we go, oh my God, I don't wanna do it. - Come on - I don't want to. - Are you ready? Three, two, one, go. What's it taste like? - Jelly. - Can you taste the bug? - No. - I can smell it. - There's no, oh, there it is. It's not that bad its been disguised by everything else. - What does it taste though, does it taste meaty? - A little bit, yeah. It's not that bad, I build that up for nothing. - I'm so proud of you, Jack. - What have I told you about touching me. - I know, never again. And you know what's really nice, alcoholic jelly. - That is good, I mean after having a cricket there's nothing better than having some alcoholic jelly. - Is it a bit like an amuse-bouche for you? Having something to cleanse your palate after you've had a cricket, I bet you don't even know what an amuse-bouche is do ya? - You haven't seen Jurassic Park, you can't say anything. - Amuse-bouche.