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Chef Guy Turland takes us to Camp Cove to make a plate-sized barbecued snapper with a rustic pesto pasta.

Rustic Almond Pesto


  • Basil x1 bunch

  • Garlic x1 clove

  • Pine nuts x200g

  • Parmesan cheese x100g

  • Lemon x1

  • Dried chili x1teaspoon

  • Salt /pepper to taste

  • Pasta x300g


  1. In a mixing bowl mix chop basil, micro plain garlic and lemon, then remaining ingredients

  2. Mix well season to taste with salt and pepper

  3. Cook pasta as per instructions on packet, till firm to the tooth.

  4. While still warm toss though pesto with 2 tablespoons of pasta water till combined then chill till needed.

Rustic Almond Pesto

Barbecued Snapper


  • Snapper

  • Lemon x2

  • Thyme x2

  • Rosemary x2

  • Olive oil


  1. With paper towel wipe down snapper. With a sharp knife make a incision behind the head of the fish on the angle continue down the snapper on the same angle each cut 3 centimeters apart.

  2. Slice lemon and herbs, and place half inside snapper cavity.

  3. With the remaining herbs and lemon layer on the outside of fish and place in fish press.

  4. Season with salt pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Barbecued Snapper




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Alright guys, come with me, check out this gorgeous day. It's meant to be winter but the sun's out there's plenty of surf. It's a perfect day for a day trip. We're off to Camp Cove. I'm going to throw together some wicked snapper stuffed with herbs. We're just gonna cook our pasta while we make our pesto, and that'll take about 10 minutes. Alright so while our pasta's cooking we're gonna make a nice rustic pesto. I'm gonna call it a picnic pesto, so it's basically just all hand chopped it's not mush, it's not blended there's no food presses involved. Alright so I just mark or plane some Parmesan cheese straight into the bowl. Probably about a 100, 150 grams of Parmesan cheese, just a handful of pine nuts. You know how much I love some chili, so a little pinch of dried chili's. So next step is gonna grate one clove of garlic inside our bowl of pesto. The zest and the juice of one lemon. Pick one bunch of basil straight on your chopping board, I'm just going to give it a rough chop. A nice generous pinch of salt. Pepper. Alright so it's been maybe about 10 minutes the pasta should be pretty good. In my picnic pesto I'm not going to add any oil at all. The snapper's like a really delicate flavor, and I want all these flavors to speak for themselves. I don't want them to be mushed and confused and all over the shop. So what we're going to do is we're going to throw our pasta and a little bit of the water in the bowl and we're gonna toss it and all that cheese is going to melt, all those flavors are gonna come out and they're gonna become really nice and fresh and the lemon and it's gonna work really well with this snapper. So pasta's cooled and chuck it in a zip lock bag and throw it in our backpack for our day trip to Camp Cove. Camp Cove is the first harbor beach from South Head. It's really secluded, it's super nice and there's beautiful views all the way along the drive so if you'd hire a car, hire a car, there's also buses that go back and forth but it's a must see in the eastern suburbs. Alright guys just gonna stop here and have a look at this view. We're in Dover Heights Park it's got obviously a view of the whole city. You know the harbor bridge, center point tower, the whole city skyline. Nearest a the place is super. I want to show you one more thing, so that's Watson's bay it's got a beautiful pub, Watson's Bay Hotel and if you're here you have to come up and check out the Gap. It's pretty cool, it's really special. And like I was saying to get here, jump on a ferry and you can get off at Watson's Bay, there's a really sort of iconic Aussie pub there, have a feed, have a beer, check out the Gap here and walk down to Camp Cove. So we've just pulled up at Camp Cove. We're about to walk out and check this beach out. This is what day trip is all about. You know, I'm able to take you to places like this, places you might no see in a guide book and might not come to otherwise. And also, you know maybe teach you a thing or two about how to pack a wicked picnic. Good place to cook here. Nothing matches better than fresh fish, lemon, heap of herbs, garlic and chili, so that's what we're gonna do. So we're gonna lay this down on our metal fish press and then the fish are gonna go on top and what that is going to do is, when we're cooking it all that lemon juice is gonna go right into that beautiful fish. It's also going to caramelize the lemon on the outside and it's going to give it a really nice flavor and keep it nice and moist. So snapper's in there it's gonna take maybe five to six minutes and then just flip it five or six minutes other side and the flesh'll be beautiful, moist, falling off and it's gonna go with that wicked pasta salad we just made. Check out our Instagram feed @BondiHarvest, we're going to #daytripper, and you'll see many more photos like this. So it's been about five or six minutes, I'm just going to flip 'em over, that's exactly what you're after, the eye's colored. Close the lid another five or six minutes and she should be perfect. Ah that smells so good. All done. What do you reckon? Time for lunch? - [Voiceover] Let's do it. - Yeah, so, so tasty. Thanks for joining us on our day trip. Pretty special, make sure you check out next week.