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Chef Guy Turland makes a cured salmon and raw beetroot salad and shows us a breathtaking view.

Cured Salmon


  • Salt x500g

  • Sugar x500g

  • Orange x2

  • Lemon x2

  • Lime x2

  • Fennel seeds x2tablespoon

  • Chilli x2tablespoon

  • Clove x1

  • Salmon fillet x1


  1. In a bowl place sugar and salt

  2. With a micro plane zest all citrus on to salt and sugar

  3. Toast seeds and chilli then add to mix and mix all together

  4. Cover salmon in mix and place in the fridge for 12 hours.

  5. Wash salt of fish

Cured Salmon

Raw Beetroot Slaw Salad


  • Beetroot x1 large

  • Cabbage x1/4

  • Pickles x4

  • Pickle juice x3tablespoon

  • Tomato x1

  • Lemon x1

  • Parsley x1

  • Chilli x1


  1. With a grater, grate and slice all.... Mix really well together

  2. Layer salmon on top and enjoy.

Raw Beetroot Slaw Salad




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- All right, guys. Welcome back to Day Tripper. I'm outside the museum here in the Domain. I'm gonna show you around some of Sydney's most iconic sites. Upper House, Harbor Bridge, I'm also gonna take you to a special spot, and we're gonna whack together a cured salmon salad with some raw slaw. So, come with me, we're going for a skate. All right, guys, so we're basically strolling into the boken-- All right, guys, we're walking through the botabi-- All right, guys, we're walking through the botanic ga-- Botanic. Botanic. Botanic gardens. All right, guys, we're checking out the botanic gardens. Gorgeous spot. Don't know some facts about it, all I know is it's been here for a long time. It's beautiful. When you're in the park, make sure you look up because there's plenty of bats around. Plenty of fruit bats. Sort of native to Australia, and they get huge. All right, guys, so this is the second thing I really wanted to show you guys. Something called the Opera House. Few little arches. No big deal. Look, it's beautiful, and it's, it never gets old, no matter how many times you see it. You can just see a little bit of the bridge, a little bit of an arch over there. What we're gonna do is we're gonna head over this way and we're at a very special spot. We can get a view of both the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. We're gonna check out Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. It's basically built by the governor. Got a whole bunch of convicts to chip out the chair from sandstone so his wife could sit there, looking at the boats come in and out of harbor. All right, so, had a cracker of a day. This is an amazing spot, so let's go slice up our cured salmon and get into our raw beetroot salad. With a backdrop of that. All right, here we are. We're now at a wicked little spot with a view of the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, and the whole harbor. I'm gonna unpack our gear and make up an unreal, super-tasty cured Atlantic carp raw salad. As the sun goes down. Very romantic. All right, guys, I'm super excited for this recipe. You know, there's nothing better than taking your time and slow curing or slow cooking things. It's almost like an anticipation because you know it's been there for so long. This has been sitting there for 12 hours. You spent the time to love and care and cure it properly and I can't wait to just eat it, to tell you the truth. It smells and feels just so, so good. Let's get you started. It's almost a raw episode, so we're gonna throw together a raw slaw salad. We're gonna slice this beautiful cured salmon all over the top of it. So the first thing we're gonna have do is to make our slaw. We're just gonna throw it in this little bowl here. So first things first, we've got a quarter cabbage here. We're probably only gonna use half of it. Basically just slice it up nice and fine and throw it straight in the bowl. We'll grate our beetroots. We're just gonna grate one large beetroot, skin and all. Straight into the same bowl over top the cabbage. How's this for a kitchen, huh? Look at those clouds coming down, the light coming through. This is gonna look wicked on Instagram. So we're just gonna crack open a few pickles and throw them in there. Put about one-third of pickling juice in there. Just gonna slice these. Just these little batons. So straight in here. All right, so we're gonna get one chili. Just gonna chop them straight up and throw them straight in that bowl. One tomato. Straight in there. Juice of one lemon. We'll pick some parsley in there. Some nice fresh parsley. So we have clean hands, just really work all those flavors together. Squeeze the beetroot juice out. Plate this. Throw it in a bowl. Slice our salmon. We'll be done and ready for dinner. Last step, we're gonna slice this beautiful salmon up. On the angle, nice, thin, delicate, long slices and plate it all over our salad, nice and pretty. Give some to the cameramen. So tasty. The fennel, the chili, settled all the way in there. Just for this little bit, we'll just nicely arrange it on our plate. So just a few splashes of salad oil. Few pine nuts for a little extra crunch. All right, guys, what an amazing way to finish an amazing day. We got our cured salmon and awesome raw slaw salad. Bit of salad oil, pine nuts and lemon, one of the most amazing backdrops ever in the world you'll ever see. Do yourself a favor. Come out here. Mrs. Macquarie's chair. Check it out. You won't regret it. This is next level.

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