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Guy takes us on a trip up Manly Beach to make a king prawn frittata with smoked trout aioli.

King Prawn Frittata


  • King prawns x5

  • Eggs x5

  • Cherry tomatoes x6

  • Yellow capsicum x1/2

  • Mint x1 bunch

  • Goats cheese x250 g

  • Dried chilli x1pinch

  • Parmesan cheese x150g

  • Salt/pepper


  1. Clean king prawns

  2. In a large bowl add eggs, cream, parmesan cheese and whisk till combined

  3. Heat pan in fire add caps, cherries, and prawns then add egg mix and top w parmesan cheese. Cook till done

King Prawn Frittata

Smoked Trout Aioli


  • Smoked trout x1

  • Eggs yolks x3

  • Capers x1teaspoon

  • Dijon mustard x1tablespoon

  • Garlic x1 clove

  • Lemon x2

  • Oil x400g

  • Salt and pepper


  1. Add eggs yolks Dijon, lemon rind and juice to a bowl and whisks adding oil till it all comes together.

  2. Season to taste then fold through smoked fish.

Smoked Trout Aioli




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Alright guys, welcome to Day Tripper. We are off to the north side. So, we're gonna check out Manly. You can get the ferry across there, but we're gonna jump on the Defender and drive across. That way I can sort of check out some secret spots, show you guys around. We got a banging frittata with smoked trout coming up, so let's pack this beast up and get the hell out of here. So that's my house just up... - Ha. - Yeah, not really. Alright guys, we're rolling into Manly now. Alright guys, here we are on Manly Beach. I'm going to show you around and show you what makes Manly manly. It's a beautiful beach. It's one of the city's most iconic beaches, just like Bondi. It's got a huge surf lifesaving presence, and it's got these amazing Norfolk Island pines. Huge. Behind me is a stain. It's got some really cool old school cars, old school clubs, and some really nice restaurants. Make sure you check out the boardwalk. It goes all the way to a really cool, sort of secluded, quiet beach called Shelly Beach. It's got wicked snorkels, renowned for it's snorkeling. So here is Shelly Beach, and you can sort of look back and you can see the whole of Manly Beach. Yeah, it's a really nice snorkeling beach, here. It's super chill. Five minutes walk, and you can, you know, get away from the crowds. Put your walking shoes on and come up to North Head. It's secluded. You know, heaps of bush land, and heaps of sort of secret little beaches like Saint Trude Beach. Alright guys, so this is what I wanted to show you. It's spectacular, and, to tell you the truth, I don't think I need to be in this shot. It sort of speaks for itself. So let's do a lesson, a little geography lesson. So this is, obviously, North Head, like I was saying. South Head's directly across the other side. There's the entrance to the harbor. So, Collaroy Beach beach is just sitting over those trees, and then you obviously have the sea down here. This is what Day Tripper is all about, showing you these special spots you might not know about. Alright, let's get our gear out. Start setting up lunch. We're going to be throwing together a wicked frittata. It's going to be so tasty. So, you know, it's going to have goat's cheese. It's going to have some smoked rainbow trout through it. You know, eggs. Look, you can do it at home first and bring it cold, but I'm going to show you how easy it is to do it on the spot on a day trip. Alright, so basically all we have to do for our frittata is prep all our ingredients and throw them straight in the pot here. Cherry tomatoes. Just chop them straight in half. We're just going to use half of the yellow Capsicum. I'm just going to dice this up into nice, small cubes. So we've got some beautiful stuffed olives, here. So we're just gonna slice these in half, exactly the same as the cherry tomatoes. Just one pinch of dried chili. Grab a grater or microplane, and then we're gonna grate some parms and cheese in here. So, there's just two of us today, so I think five eggs should be enough. Crack them straight in the bowl. Grab a fork or a whisk, and I'm just gonna whisk this together. This will be the mix, like I was saying before, that you'd make at home, throw in a bag, and bring on your trip. Just to make that a little bit easier. So, whisk him all up. That being done, we're gonna clean some prawns. So some beautiful Queensland prawns. If you've never cleaned them before, just grab the head and the body, and just give it a twist. So from the leg side round, just pinch the shell, and just all the way off. So, you know, prawns are a really delicate meat, and they go so well in frittata, purely because, you know, you're only slowly cooking the frittata, the eggs. You know, it's not too much heat. It's not gonna over cook it. It's going to stay nice and moist. A little hint with the tail. Just pinch it, and then pop it off like that. Take out these guts from the back. Just scrape them out like this. Alright, guys. Now, we're gonna start cooking our frittata. So, just hot pan, a little bit of oil to make sure it doesn't stick. I'm gonna start with our prawns. Just going to chuck them in. Get a bit of heat into them, and then straight with the egg mix. Alright, so just, we're gonna throw some goat's cheese on there, and that's gonna melt all the way through it as this frittata cooks. So turn it all the way down and keep the lid on, and that's gonna take probably ten, fifteen minutes at the most. Alright guys, to go with our fritatta, we're gonna make ourselves a beautiful smoked rainbow trout aioli. We're gonna start with three egg yokes. About one table spoon of dijon mustard. One small clove of garlic. Just microplane him in there. Just a squeeze of lemon juice. Probably four or five capers and a little bit of juice. Now this is the hard step, so to speak. We're gonna emulsify it with some nice olive oil. So at the start, you just wanna make sure get a really solid base. So, slowly add a little bit, until it sort of comes together, and then you can speed it up later on. So that's starting to cook around the edges. That's gonna be about four, five minutes away, and it's just enough time for me to finish my aioli. Alright, so that's our aioli done. So, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna flake this smoked trout, and we're just gonna fold it through nice and gently. If you brought this to a picnic, I think you'd have the responsibility to cook every single time, just like I do. So just very carefully grab him, and just one, two, three, and just very carefully pop him off. Boo yah. It smells so good. It smells unbelievable. Alright guys, so we're just going to finish this off with a little bit of this aioli. A few sprigs of mint. A little bit more Parmesan cheese. And there we have it, our gorgeous king prawn frittata, and our smoked trout aioli. Got a few wraps and little rockets to sort of roll it together. Such an amazing dish. Such an unreal backdrop. You know what, this is what Day Trip is all about. Give it a go. Be a part of it. And we'll see you next week.