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Chef Turland takes a surf trip to Narrabeen and cooks up an amazing spice-crusted beef roast on the beach.

Spice Crusted Beef


  • 2 tablespoons fennel seeds

  • 2 tablespoons coriander seeds

  • 1 tablespoon chilli flakes

  • 2 cloves

  • 2 tablespoons black pepper

  • 3 tablespoons sea salt

  • 3 kilograms beef Angus beef scotch fillet

  • 1 red capsicum

  • 2 carrots

  • 1 fennel

  • 1 sweet potato

  • Garlic

  • Rosemary

  • 2 tablespoons balsamic

  • Sea salt


  1. Place all spices and salt into a pan and toast till aromatic about 5 min.

  2. Transfer spices to mortar and pestle and grind till smooth powder had formed. Store in dark dry place

  3. With a knife make 1 centimeter thick slices in beef to help flavour and spice crust penetrate meat

  4. Place spice crust in a flat surface and roll beef in mix till it's all covered.

  5. Place in fridge for 12-14 hours to marinate for best result

  6. Clean and slice veg season with salt and pepper and place on the BBQ.

  7. With a knife stab sweet potato to make wholes.

  8. Place sweet potato on foil, and add rosemary, garlic, sea salt and balsamic vinegar.

  9. Fold the edges of foil up to completely wrap sweet potato.

  10. Place in BBQ on Medium heat.

  11. Next to the sweet potato place the spice-crusted beef in BBQ and leave for 20min with lid down before turning. The beef and sweet potato should take approx. 1 hour in a medium BBQ.

Spice Crusted Beef




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- So, for our day trip today, we're headed off to Narrabeen. I've dragged along one of my mates, Mitch. He's joining us. We're gotta wicked spice-crusted beef we're going to be throwing together on the beach. Look, Narrabeen's a beautiful, beautiful beach. It's one of the, I'd call it, top 10, sort of reknown surfing spots in Australia. It's a real local sort of surfing spot so there's a bit of a rivalry out there so you be careful when you're surfing but, you know, if you're into surfing, it's a beach, it's a must-visit. [light guitar and tribal drums] We're gonna go for a big surf and what's perfect for after a surf is a nice bit of spice-crusted beef, so, you know, I've got a heaps of herbs and spices, it's gonna be rubbed in, marinated for 12 hours and then we're gonna bash it out, it's gonna be so tasty. Nice big chunk of Scotch fillet. So, I'm just gonna make some sort of light incisions along the meat. What this is going to do is it's gonna help all that flavor from the spices rub get right in there. So, when you're slicing it, you only want it to be, you know, half a centimeter at the most. Flip 'em over and do the same to the other side. So I've got my spice rub here. I've pre-made it. What it is, it's fennel seeds, coriander seeds, some dried chili, little bit of clove, black pepper, and then just some sea salt. Just toasted off in a pan and then ground up in a mortar and pestle. You know, spice rubs are really good. They're almost like a dry marinade. So all those flavors are gonna get sucked deep into the meat and then when I barbecue it, it's gonna have a beautiful, sort of caramelized thick crust with all that flavor, and then all that flavor inside the steak as well. It's gonna be so, so beautiful and so tasty. So with the rest of it, sprinkle on a plate, throw it down. Don't waste any. Throw it in the fridge, let it marinate for 12 hours. Don't wrap it, it's fine to sit unwrapped, it helps all the flavors to get in there, it helps it dry out a bit so when you barbecue it, the crust gets really thick and gorgeous. To get there, you sort of have to drive, it's a bit of a trip. - Do I got room? Let's get physical. - Too far on bus, it's too hard to get ferries and taxis and too expensive so, get yourself a car, go for a drive. It's well worth it. So this is the North Shore, northern beaches. Basically, there's awesome surf beaches all the way along here. It's more of a country-town, surf-vibe. Want me to wave? Looking around. That's unbelievable, oh, look at that. It's gonna be fun. - Yeah, that's fun. - [Guy] Yeah. - Small, but fun. - Yeah, not as big as we'd like. So we're gonna get in our suits. Set the barbecue up, put the roast on. Go for a wave, wait for few hours, come back, roast is done. Eat like pigs, go for another surf. There's a small wave out here today, but the best thing is there's no crowds. Getting out of Sydney, that sort of city vibe, to come along here in the sunny beaches, it's spread out, it's so good. I'm gonna get Mitch to prepare the sweet potatoes to bake in the barbecue while I put the beef on, so that's for you, mate. - [Mitch] Thank you. - Stab that some holes in it. So what we're gonna do is wrap that in foil, bake it in the barbecue, leave the skin on. There's all goodness in the skin. - I like goodness. -Yeah, you don't mind if-- - Is that enough? - Yeah, it's perfect, yeah. - Sweet. - [Guy] So grab your foil, so what you're gonna do is just gonna bang that flat and pop that on top. - [Mitch] Sweet. - [Guy] So check your herbs in there, straight on top the sweet potato. We're gonna go big glog of balsamic. - [Mitch] Just drizzle it on top? - Yep, all over it. Big pinch of salt and then basically wrap 'em all up, and make sure you get all that balsamic in there. As it cooks, the balsamic's gonna reduce and then it's gonna have like a sweet, acidic sort of sweet potato full of those herbs and flavors, it's gonna be really nice. Alright, so now that you're sweet potatoes on, we'll throw a beef on. So get that into there. - Eeyoo. - So that's gonna be so sexy. So while that's cooking, we're just gonna slice up a bit of veg and we're chuck it in there as well. We're gonna cook it all down. So that's been probably 5 minutes on there so far. So I've just flipped the veg. I'm gonna go out for a quick wave, maybe one or two, come back, take the veg off, flip the beef, go for another surf, come back and they'll be ready. [rhythmic guitar with bongos] It's been about 20 minutes, so I'm gonna take the veg out, flip the beef and go for another wave. Alright so, just gonna quick flip the sweet potato, flip this beef. It's probably going to need maybe another 20 minutes at the most. [waves crashing] Yee-hee-hoo. Hah, so gorgeous. So that's about medium. So what we're doing is we'll put 'em to the side just over here, a little bit cooler area, turn this veg back on, close the lid, I'm just gonna let it rest. I'm just gonna throw some bowls down, so that Mitch is gonna feed when he gets out of the surf. Alright, so I just opened 'em up nice and careful. Remember it's gonna be hot. What we're gonna do is, I'm gonna mash this up, so just with a fork, make like a sort of rustic sweet potato mash, so all those herbs and that balsamic, that beautiful salt that Mitch put in there. So I'm just gonna throw our veg on there. Some nice caramelized carrots. So just pop 'em on top there, bring 'em over to the table. Pop this out on the chopping board. - That smells so good. You can smell it down the beach. - [Guy] How many slices you want, buddy? - As many as you're willing to give. - [Guy] Alright, check that out. Get into it Mitch. - [Mitch] Yeah. - That's our wicked beef. We've had time to go for an hour surf, create a feast and we're gonna demolish it so. Hey, thanks for joining us, Day Tripper Narrabeen. Pretty amazing. Give the recipe a go and make sure you tune in. [singing guitar]

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