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We take a trip up Palm Beach to find a killer spot to cook up some Wagyu Beef sliders.

Wagyu Beef Sliders


  • Wagyu mince x750g

  • Brown onion x1

  • Garlic x1

  • Chilli x1

  • Tabasco x3teaspoon

  • Speck/bacon/prosciutto x300g

  • Bread crumbs x1 cup

  • Eggs x2

  • Parmesan cheese x200g

  • GARNISH: Tomato x1, Green apple x1, Pickled onion x1 jar, Rocket x200g, Horse radish x2 teaspoon, Aioli x1/2 cup


  1. With a micro plane grate onion, garlic, chilli and carrot Parmesan cheese into a bowl.

  2. To the bowl add beef mince, Tabasco, pork goodies, breadcrumb and eggs then with your hands give a really good mix.

  3. Place mix in fridge for half hour to let relax then roll in to beef patties.

  4. Garnish and place between your two favorite buns.

Wagyu Beef Sliders




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- Alright guys, check this out. It's a beautiful day in Bondi. And it's an awesome day for us to head up to North Shore, so we're heading to Palm Beach. We're gonna basically make up some wicked sliders, So they're gonna be wagyu beef, heaps of spice, heaps of attitude. And then we're gonna go for a walk up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. So it's gonna be wicked, lots of walking in the sand, lots of surfing. You're laughing behind me at the camera, it's a little bit annoying. So just start with 750 grams of minced wagyu beef. Throw two chorizo in the bowl. So grab your chorizo, you wanna slice it up nice and finely, otherwise your patties are gonna fall apart. Alright, we're gonna market plane one clove of garlic in there. Next is, we'll be grading about 150, 200 grams of Parmesan cheese in there. So again, same market plane. Straight in your bowl. Put about a tablespoon of Tabasco. If you don't like it hot, then just put less in there. So just slice up one chili nice and fine and throw in the bowl as well. Just crack two eggs straight in the same bowl, on top of everything. So it's gonna get one cup of bread crumbs, straight into the bowl. Finely dice one onion. Alright, so now for the fun bit, with clean hands, we get to sort of mix it all together. - I don't need to mix it. - Yeah mate, come on. See look, it's that easy, you can even get your children to do it. Alright, at this point you'd roll your patties and put them in the fridge. We're just gonna throw it in a Ziploc bag. It just makes it a little bit easier for us to carry it on our day trip. If you can get your hands on a car, do so. You know, you can get to stop at beaches all the way along. And Palm Beach is the furthest beach along the drive. You walk along the whole of Palm Beach, you get to the very end, and you walk up to the lighthouse. It's a beautiful view. Okay, so we're just taking a detour. I'm gonna show you Whale Beach before we get to Palm Beach. Little fact about Whale Beach, it's called Whale Beach 'cause this headland we're driving on looks like a whale from a distance. Yeah, see I know facts. So we've just pulled up. That's the whole idea of the headland looking like a whale. If you've got a really good imagination. So let's get down and start making these damn sliders. Oh, shit. Mommy, woohoo! We're packing our bag, and we're heading up to the lighthouse. - Which way we walk? - So ah, check it out, Instagram feed, it's @bondiharvest, #daytripper. Look at that light, the sun. It's gonna be an epic sunset. Look at that. Pretty amazing view, huh? It's a solid five-minute walk. Directly uphill. We've had an explore, so let's set up. We're gonna smash our sliders out right here. Day-tripping at its best. So what I need you to do, Mitch. - Yeah? - Is, we're gonna get your hands dirty. And we're gonna roll these little patties out. So we made these at home. And then we're gonna have, like a heap of condiments. So we're gonna have some sliced fennel, some nice tomatoes, a few slices of apple, a few pickled onions. The idea of these sliders is you can make our own. You can put pickled onions if you like them. If you don't, then don't put them on. It's as simple as that. - What's this one, mate? - Alright, so we got some, just some aioli on here. This is gonna be a horseradish aioli. It's about half a cup of aioli, to, I'd say, probably two teaspoons of horseradish. It's like a sweet bite, or like a mild wasabi flavor. So just chuck the patties on to a low, to medium, heat. Grab your lid, pop 'em on top. And what that's gonna do, that's gonna capture all the heat, almost like a little oven. So it's gonna cook it from the top and below. So you can just flip it and it'll be done really quick. So ah, here's Murray, just in time for a feed. Big dog, always turns up at the right time. Hah! - What's going on? - Murray's here just in time for a picnic. - What a view! - Awesome, that looks... - Alright gents, you ready to eat? - Sure are. - So there we have it. Little wagyu beef sliders,, horseradish cream. I think you boys should dig in after that trek. Alright guys, thanks for coming on "Daytripper" with us. I mean, check that out. We got a feed, we got an epic view, sort of good mates, I don't know about these guys, but... - I'm happy. - Look at him, he's pretty stoked. We're gonna smash these, watch the sun set. Give it a try, let me know how you go. See you next week, guys! - It's awesome. - Is it good? - Yeah, it's really good.

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