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Cow Ribs al Asador

In the final episode, Laucha makes a whole cow rib al asador — a special recipe to toast both barbecue and fire.


  • Thick Salt
  • Pepper in grain
  • Ground pepper
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Laurel
  • Parsley
  • Neutral oil
  • Wine vinegar
  • Beef whole Ribs


  1. Embed the rib on the cross, from the side of the bone first into the fire. Place the wires around the bone and take to the fire for 3 hours (until golden).
  2. To make the brine: In a saucepan with water, add salt, laurel, garlic and pepper.Warm. Then move to a bowl and let stand. Once it begins to sweat put it to the ribs.
  3. To make the Chimichurri: Chop garlic very small. Add to a container with chopped parsley, ground pepper, oregano, pepper and salt. Finish with a laurel leaf and add the liquid ingredients: neutral oil (sunflower or corn) and wine vinegar. Let it rest.
  4. Turn the ribs and cook for another hour.