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Laucha heads to a brewery to teach us how to make lamb shoulder curanto, a Chilean cooking technique involving a hole in the ground and hot rocks.



  • Pumpkin

  • Stones

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Leaves of nalca or large green leaves

  • Lamb palette


  1. Make a deep hole in the earth.

  2. Light a fire and place the stones until heated. Cover the stones with nalca leaves.

  3. Season the palette with chimichurri.

  4. Place the palette on the leaves of nalca along with the pumpkins.

  5. Cover all with leaves of nalca again, above placing a cloth of burlap and earth.

  6. Let cook for 4 hours.

  7. Serve and enjoy.





Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- Guys, don't do this at home. Really simple. - [Man] Come and eat! - Well I think it's time to present to you all the brewer master of this fantastic beer, Bruno Ferrari. - Hello Laucha. It's a pleasure man to have you here in the house. - In the good house of Berlina. But tell me, Bruno, how did this dream started for you? - Well, this dream started when I was 18 years old, and I noticed that the beer was made by human beings, not by machines. And then, what, I started this little lovely walk, and I will never stop. - Now you have you know this is great. - Well now you've known us since we started, no, in 2004? - I was there. - You were there. - [Laucha] I tried the first beer, I remember. I was not so easy yeah? - Well now, this is fantastic. - Yes, we're really happy to live with what we are now, to live with my two brothers, we working together, and-- - It's your dream. - Yes, it was. We are living the dream. - Can we have a walk? - Let's go inside, follow me. - Let's go, pal. I never imagined that beer was produced like this. Really cool. The truth is that I feel like in heaven, and above all they won't stop bringing us cold beers. And I thought that I had a cool job. No, no, no, this is the job. Well, the tour through the factory was incredible. But now we have to start with a recipe of the curanto. Amazing, Patagonia has it all: diversity of landscapes, exquisite meals, and an infinite variety of beers. The curanto's an ancient technique that started in Chile in deep Patagonia. Basically, it consist in making a hole in the ground of 50 centimeters approximately. Then, at the base you put hot rocks. You cover them with green leaves, and then put all the vegetables and the meat on top. After that, you repeat the process, you cover it with more green leaves. And finally, with a lot of soil. The result is perfect! You will see it now. Well, we have the hot rocks in the base of the hole. Now, how we continue? - Well now we put naka leaves. Then after the naka leaves goes all our pumpkins. That to make that-- - My surprise. - Yeah, I mean the surprise of course. Then we'll be happy. Especially the people to receive your surprise. Then we cover again with the naka leaves. Then we cover with a humidity cloth and so to make it be an open system, and then we put all the earth inside on top. - Okay, cover it with soil finally. - Exactly, and it's something incredible. You will see. - My surprise is a beautiful lamb meat, the leg and some ribs, that I will cover with special chimichurri sauce, and put everything inside the curanto. Four hours waiting is a long time. That's why we prepared a great picnic with cheese, salami, and other delicious things for all the crew. We also needed some food for all the beers we were drinking. Cooked for four hours. I think it's time to try it. - Man, a pleasure, eh? - We'll get the lamb and some pumpkin with chimichurri always. Oh! - Lamb is good, man. - Salut, big pleasure to have you in the house. - Cheers! Please, the pleasure's mine. It's the first time I tried the curanto, and I tell you it's beautiful. You have to do it. And if not, come here to Bariloche and ask Bruno for some.

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