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Laucha arrives in Trevelín, the first stop on his trip to Patagonia. There, his brother and family wait for him before starting on a fantastic Lamb al Asador.

Lamb al Asador


  • 3 branches of fresh rosemary

  • 4 laurel leaves

  • 5 garlic cloves

  • 2 branches of sage

  • 100 grams of thick salt

  • 20 grams of grain pepper

  • 4 spoons of smoked pepper

  • 2 lemons

  • A glass bottle

  • 1 Lamb


  1. Hang the lamb with the hind quarters up on the cross by tying it with wire.

  2. Place the cross at 80 centimeters. from the fire, from the side of the bone.Let cook for 3 hours.

  3. In a pot put 1 liter of water and 100 grams of salt then add the garlic, a few leaves of laurel, pepper in grain and slices of lemon. Cook until all salt is dissolved.

  4. Put in a bottle a few branches of sage, smoked pepper, pepper in grain, garlic cloves and laurel leaves. Then pour the contents of the pot inside the bottle.

  5. Season the lamb with the brine we just prepared in the bottle, every 20 minutes.

  6. After three hours turn the lamb and brown the part of the skin for another hour.

  7. Remove from fire and enjoy.

Lamb al Asador




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- Ponzu, Ponzu! Where Maxi? Come and eat! What's up, Tastemade friends? How you doing today? My name is Luciano, but you can call me Laucha. And I want to welcome you to this new program called Patagonia Viva. We will be traveling to the south of Argentina, a region formed by a couple of provinces, and countless landscapes. Our first stop is Trevelin, a little town in the province of Chubut, where my brother Chino lives. Like in every trip, we're going with a crew. Juanma, always at the wheels, Lolo with the mate, Maxo, recording, Urraca, well Urraca is Raca. We have a few more hours to go, so stay tuned. We're finally here. Look at this place. It's a paradise on earth. Now, we will look for my brother who lives here to start the fire for the asado. I never imagined such a beautiful welcoming. Nothing like the warmth that only family and friends can give. I would love to relax after the long trip but I promised my brother I will make a huge asado. So let's start before it gets dark. Look at this lamb, with all the flavors of Patagonia. Some people say it's the most delicious meat on earth. It weights 15 kilograms, approximately. And we will start by opening it to hang it on the cross. I will make a sub cut with my knife on both sides of the ribs to open them. Then I will remove the neck carefully. Some people prefer to leave it. I use it later for stews or hotpots. Finally, I will separate a bit the lower legs. Here we have the cross. This is one of the most traditional ways to cook asado in Argentina. You can use it for lamb, for pig, for even whole ribs. Now we will start by tying it up with some iron wire. The position of the lamb will be the fattest part on top because we will cook this with the flame of the fire. Okay, it's ready. Let's hang it. We have the flame going. We will put it nearly one meter to 80 centimeters from the fire. And we will leave it there at least three hours. It's starting to rain. But the asado must go on. Now that the lamb is transpiring on the fat, it's time to prepare our salty water. We start by heating water in a pot. Then we add the salt, a hundred grams per liter of water. After that, we add some laurel which will perfume the flavor of our recipe. A few peppercorns, a bit of garlic, which I love, and some slices of lemon. We will cook this until all the salt evaporates. Now that we have half of the salty water prepared, we will add some more ingredients into the bottle to finish it. Some garlic, laurel, more pepper to spice it up, a bit of paprika, and some sage. Finally, the brine we had prepared. It's time to turn it around. Look at this color. Golden. Now we have to leave it one hour more and it will be ready. The lamb is ready. Now it's time to cut it up and eat, because the guys are really hungry. Let's go! You have to be careful because it might fall apart. Ah-ha, I told you so! Leave your knife at home, because for this lamb you can use your bare hands! These are the pleasures of life. Perfectly done. It's beautiful. You should try it.

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