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Laucha brings us a new recipe: hare in the disk with vegetables and small potatoes. The perfect finger-licking recipe.

Hare in the Disc


  • Red wine

  • Onion

  • Carrot

  • Leek

  • Parsley

  • Rabanito

  • Potatoe

  • Garlic

  • Thyme

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Ham

  • Hare


  1. Seal the hare with a some olive oil, salt, pepper and a few cloves of garlic.

  2. Once sealed place it to one side and add the vegetables (carrot, onion) and the ham. Cook for 5 minutes and then mix with the hare.

  3. Season with thyme and add the red wine.

  4. Cover and let cook for about 45 minutes.

  5. After 25, 30 minutes, add the potatoes in thin slices with a little salt and pepper on top to be steamed.

  6. Cover and cook for 20 minutes until you have everything ready.

  7. Serve and enjoy!

Hare in the Disc




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- Welcome asado lovers. How are you? My name is Luciano, but they know me as Laucha. And I ask you one question. Are you ready for our new recipe? We wanted to go and search for something different. So we asked Tasha, a friend who knows the bowels of Bariloche, what she recommended. Without hesitation, she sent us to one of the most historic places in the area. Caves uninhabited for thousands of years. We have our bags prepared, it's time to go and look for the cave. Hope we get on time to make the asado. In our way we found a beautiful place, it's called Machin. From the Mapuche language, and they are low grounds with high probability of flooding. But this are not the caves, so let's continue walking to find them. Tasha was right, this cave is a place we could not miss. Its history goes back for more than ten thousand years, with the first Barilochenses that called it home. Here they hunted, roasted, and took refuge from cold winters and wild animals. Today, we are the ones who start the fire, and illuminate once again this beautiful cave to make a great recipe for you. The hare is a wild animal of approximately 70 centimeters of length. Its meat is really dark, you can see it here. And their back legs are much bigger than the ones in the front. The reason is that they jump like three meters long, so they need strong legs. Today, we will cook only the legs. We will start by heating the disco, adding a little bit of olive oil and garlic. Once the garlic is golden brown we will take them out and add the leg. Cook them adding some salt for seven minutes per side, so they gain a beautiful color. Then we add the vegetables, the onions and the carrots, then the white part of the leek, and finally some new flavor with the radish. We add some salt, mix it well, and let it cook for four minutes. Once the vegetables are half-cooked we will add that raw ham in the middle. Now we will mix all the ingredients and add the red wine. We will cook this for thirty minutes. And then we'll add the potato. Look at how the wine reduced. Now we will add some vegetable stock so it has more liquid and the potatoes. We will cover it and let it cook for 25 minutes more. Okay man, let's try it. Oh look at this; perfectly well done! Let's get some flavor. With the carrots, with the onions. Oh! Wow! Crazy flavor. Really good, please try it at home. And don't forget about the potatoes. Wonderful! Today's episode was crazy, I never imagined myself making an asado in such a place.

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