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Laucha continues his travels through Trevelín, finding paradise in Patagonia before deciding to stop and cook some spectacular lamb kidneys in the Disc.

Lamb Kidneys in the Disc


  • Olive oil

  • Butter

  • Green onion

  • Parsley

  • Garlic

  • White wine

  • Lamb kidneys


  1. Clean the kidneys.

  2. Bring the disc to a high heat and seal the kidneys on both sides with oil and butter. Season with salt and pepper.

  3. Take them to the side and clean the disc a little.

  4. Add the green onion and salt.

  5. Add the garlic and mix everything on the disc.

  6. Finish with chopped parsley and white wine.

  7. Let cook until reduced.

Lamb Kidneys in the Disc




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up


- Ahhh! La puta! Welcome back my friends. A pleasure to share with you this beautiful trip through the Patagonia Argentina. Today we woke up really early. Plango my friend told me about the perfect spot to visit. Beautiful waterfalls really nearby. Despite we had an enormous asado yesterday, we are putting on our boots to visit this lovely place. But first I want to tell you that in the trunk I have a bunch of lamb kidneys for today's recipe. So let's start with this journey. Wa-hoo! Ah. The waterfalls are not so far away. But at this pace we will never get there. Juama left the car 15 minutes ago and we're still waiting for him. - Come on guys! I found the perfect spot! - Come on Juama! I want to start the fire! - I want my beer! - Ugh. - Come on guys! - We are definitely staying here. Today we are going to make a great asado in front of the river. These are the wonderful things about Patagonia. You can have the perfect plan, think that nothing can surprise you, and unexpectedly, you find a paradise on earth. Luckily, we brought everything for our recipe. On this occasion we will use the dico de arelo, a really traditional instrument here in Argentina. Before it used to work the soil, and now, to make asado. To cook we will use the flame of the wood. And we will start by heating the dico. The disk is in the fire. Now, I will present to you the lamb kidneys. Look at them. They're really small if you compare them with the cow kidneys. They have a membrane and some fat that covers all the kidney. We're gonna take that off to cook it, really simple. With your hand, and to finish, you use a knife. Okay! The first step is to put some olive oil and butter to start cooking the kidneys. We have to brown the kidneys three to five minutes per side. Then, place them on the side of the disk to start cooking our vegetables. First we add the scallions with some salt. Mix it up and then we put the chopped garlic. After two minutes of cooking, we mix everything, and spice again with more salt and pepper. They're nearly done. We have to add the parsley and mix again. The combination of garlic and parsley is a flavor I love. The famous provincal, as we call it here in Argentina. The last step is to put some white wine and let it boil until the alcohol evaporate, five to seven minutes. Everything was fine until we realized we had nothing to drink. Fortunately, Racca thinks ahead, and he brought an icebox full of beers! So let's toast, for him and for Patagonia! The kidneys are ready. So now, let's eat. - Ready! - I prepared a delicious homemade bread to accompany this dish. I will put the kidneys on top, and add a lot of sauce. The flavor is there. For the final touch, the green part of the scallions and some paprika to add some color. Truly a work of art. This is ready. Now we have to taste it. Mm. Perfect.

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