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The boys continue their journey through Patagonia, bringing us a recipe on how to make an exquisite roasted wild pig with smoked chutney.

Roasted Wild Pig


  • Fresh thyme

  • Merken

  • Olive oil

  • Garlic

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- [Man] Come and eat! - How are you today, my friends? Thank you for sharing with us a new adventure in our journey through the south of my country. Today, we were invited by my friend Coco to his grandmother's farm. I won't lie to you, I'm a little bit scared, and it isn't the perfect day to make an asado, but Coco has a lot of faith in me, so I have to do my best. Let's start. We're here. Now we have to look for Coco, so he can show us the place and tell us where we can start our fire. With more than a hundred years of age, this farm holds millions of stories and in every corner you can find something beautiful. It is called Delta because it is surrounded by four rivers, and the snowy mountains really compliment the whole landscape. Here they produce lamb, cattle, and other agricultural products. - Che Laucha, do you like this place? - Yeah, Coco, perfect for the asado. - Okay. - On top of inviting us, Coco gave us a homemade cherry liquor made by his mother, Milda. I hope I don't forget any ingredient now. Here in Patagonia you can see lots of wild pigs wandering through the woods. Their meat is really tasty and strong, but you have to be careful when you cook it because it might turn a little bit rough. The first step is to brown the wild pig 15 minutes per side in a hot grill. Look at this color. It's beautiful. Now, we have to spice it. First, we will moisture the meat with garlic oil. Just some chopped garlic mixed with olive oil. Then, we will add some merken, this is a Chilean spice made with smoked hot chili; some paprika to add color; pepper and salt; and then we press with our hands so they stick to the meat. We repeat the process on the other side replacing the salt with some rosemary which will perfume our recipe. Finally, we have to cover the pig with aluminum foil and grill it 25 minutes per side. This will generate humidity making the meat cook in its own juice. Now that we have some time while the wild pig is in the grill we will start by preparing our chutney, our smoked chutney. The first step is to peel the apples and the pears. Then, we will cover them with aluminum foil and take them directly to the fire. Don't forget about the onions. We will take them without the aluminum foil so they get more smoke. In a hot pot with some oil we will add all the vegetables we just chopped. We mix it up and add a lot of brown sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, we incorporate the dehydrated plum, some ginger, and mix it all up again. Now, we will add some white wine. We have to let it cook until all the alcohol evaporates. It's time for the final ingredients: some apple vinegar, some cinnamon, and finally salt and pepper. Now, we let it cook at slow fire for approximately 10 minutes. The chutney is ready. We will let it rest for at least 15 minutes before eating it. This is ready. But we have to leave it 10 minutes resting before we open it. Okay, let's try it out. Yeah, man. The strong flavors of the wild pig with the chutney, perfect combination.

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