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Join Daniel and Mirra from The Perennial Plate as they show you one of their favorite recipes from their time in India - an Indian street food staple, bhel puri.

Bhel Puri


  • 1/2 red onion diced small

  • 1 ripe tomato, diced

  • 1/2 roughly chopped cilantro

  • 1 teaspoon Garam masala

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- [Voiceover] This is Mirra, she's the camera girl. - [Voiceover] This is Daniel, he's the chef. - We travel the world making videos about sustainable food. When we get home, we cook some of our favorite dishes inspired by these adventures. This is The Perennial Plate In The Kitchen. So, we just spent three weeks in India, which is wonderful. It's also... India's like insane. They have incredible street food. One of the best things that you can eat there is a dish called bhel puri. Super fresh, super light. Delicious, spicy, sweet, sour. It's got like everything you'd want in one dish. So we're gonna make that today. Okay, let me go through the things that are in this. Tamarind sauce, mint and cilantro chutney, puffed wild rice. We're gonna mix it all together and eat it. It's gonna be awesome. But we have a lot to do. We're in our neighbor's kitchen, and we have like... - Dude, talk to the camera. - Oh, sorry. We have a lot to do, so let's get started. So first thing to do, boil potatoes. Pour out your water and you're gonna peel those. Okay, we're gonna make our own tamarind sauce. Cut about three tablespoons of tamarind. - [Mirra] It doesn't look that good. - It doesn't look that good. Now you're gonna add water, and then you're gonna bring this to a boil and we're gonna cook it for ten minutes. - Actually looks pretty gross. - Yeah, looks like... - [Mirra] Don't. - You're gonna need three tablespoons of jaggery, which is an Indian unrefined cane sugar. Add it to the pot. Now we're gonna add a little bit of garam masala. And just a touch of chili. All we're gonna do is cook this down, get it into sort of like a syrup texture. Tastes ready. And then strain out the seeds. For the convenience of the viewer, I have pre-washed my cilantro. - [Mirra] So they don't have to watch you wash. - Otherwise, there would have been 10 minutes of washing cilantro. In the cilantro chutney is maybe a thumb's worth of ginger, five cloves of garlic, two green chilis. We are cruising through this recipe, guys. Probably four parts cilantro to one part mint, add it in stages. We are gonna cut a couple limes and squeeze them in there too. A little bit of water to get it blending well. And, ready? It's tasty. So this dish is normally made with puffed white rice. Since we're in Minnesota, we're buying puffed wild rice. You need a couple inches of canola oil. You're gonna get it to 400 degrees, then you're gonna add a quarter cup of wild rice and immediately it'll puff up. Then you just strain it out, put it on a paper towel. I'm gonna salt this. Okay, so last thing is red onion. And one tomato. I think we're ready to put this together. The key to this is it will go soggy really fast, so it's a matter of like mixing it right before you serve it. Okay. There's all sorts of crazy Indian snacks that are used traditionally in this dish. Add a little garam masala, put a little turmeric. Then we take our tamarind chutney, add some of our mint chutney. And we mix it all together. Of course, you taste it. The tasting dance. - I taught him that one. - You did? - Yes, that's my move. - This is your move? - It's my move. - Alright, you wanna eat this, guys? - You should plate it. - I'll plate it.

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