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Bring a taste of North Africa to your dinner table tonight.

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs


  • 1 pound ground lamb (20 percent fat)

  • 1 large heirloom tomato

  • 1 red onion

  • 2 Tablespoons ground Moroccan cumin

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- [Voiceover] This is Mirra she's the camera girl. - [Voiceover] This is Daniel he's the chef. - We travel the world making videos about sustainable food. When we get home we cook some of our favorite dishes inspired by these adventures. This is The Perennial Plate in the Kitchen. - So we just got back from Morocco. Typical street food was like grilled lamb meatballs with grilled onions and tomato and then just a ton of cumin dumped on top of it and I'm not really that crazy about cumin but ma- - Sounds disgusting. - Yeah, for you. But for some reason Moroccan cumin is like really, really good. Anyways so we're gonna make that dish with like a little preserved lemon salad garnish to it. I can't work until I have another espresso. What I was thinking is I should start the grill then go make the espresso then come and cook. - Cool. - Good? - Yeah. - It's funny, no you can cut. We're talking so much. ♫ I'd like to welcome ♫ all you suckers to struggleville ♫ say ahh open up and take this pill you'll ♫ sit down in your cubicle and ♫ eat when we tell you to and ♫ when your services are ♫ - [Daniel] Does anyone know how this actually works? ♫ not needed here anymore you'll clean out your desk by noon ♫ and no talking to the new kid ♫ security will see you all the way to the door ♫ This seems like how you would do it ♫ It's like a prison but we pay you more ♫ So you owe us more just lock your doors ♫ and feel real safe inside ♫ - Why are you using this thing? - Because it's to avoid using lighter fluid. Let's just use lighter fluid. - That's what I've been saying. - Maybe it is working. I don't think it is working. Maybe we should go and make that espresso, huh? On the run. Kevin? Let's hope that fire's going on. ♫ I'd like to welcome all you suckers to struggleville ♫ Anyway, so we're gonna use lighter fluid. - You can't use that! - We tried to light it without lighter fluid. - [Neighbor] Yeah. - And we did a really bad job. - But this isn't even that bad. We fly around the world, on airplanes. - Imagine if this were jet fuel. - You need help lighting your grill? ♫ there's no more corner office ♫ - [Mirra] Thank you. - You want an espresso? - [Mirra] I think you just earned yourself a meatball. - Cool. Alright. - I was serious, if you wanted an espresso. - Uh, no it's alright. ♫ desk by noon and no talking to the new kid ♫ - Anyway so we're gonna make that dish. Literally the ingredients are onion, tomato, lamb, salt, cumin, preserved lemon. That's it. Chop up one preserved lemon. This is mint. We're gonna mince the mint, combine it with the preserved lemon. Add a little olive oil, and that's gonna be the garnish. Then, we need to grind our cumin. That's the grinder dance. Apparently you're not actually not supposed to do that. - What? You're not supposed to do that? - No. Alright, we're gonna season this lamb with salt. Generally with meatballs I would say try to mix less. You want them to be formed, but not emulsified together. You love that word, "emulsified" don't you? - No. I've never said that. - No, I know. You hate that word. Alright, I'm just gonna brush a little olive oil onto this grill. Always have your meat nice and dry. Sad this is a fish grill, not a- Set that aside for one second. Orange tomato or red tomato? We're just gonna get this red onion ready. Add some salt. Okay let's bring these outside. ♫ there's no more corner office ♫ or golfing with the bosses ♫ you have a wife ♫ - It seems wrong. ♫ and kids to tell that ♫ you got axed today and you lost your 401k ♫ you wear your necktie noose so well ♫ and you march - You come here, sweetheart? - [Mirra] Are you gonna be like "find a rusty chair" - [Daniel] Find a rusty chair to stick your meat on Make sure they're nice and close together. Place tomatoes directly on top, and then Buns down. - [Mirra] And then we dance. - I think we're done here. We're gonna take this inside and let it rest. - [Mirra] Should you put something under it so that you can collect all that juicy goodness? I mean, I'm not a meat eater but I just assume that that's something you'd want to hold on to? I don't know. - So, open this up. Put the onions and tomatoes down, then grilled lamb on top of that. Then, salt and cumin together. This is the shocking part. Put tons of cumin on it. Weird, right? Then our preserved lemon garnish. Okay, should we eat this? Grilled onion. That turned out better than I thought. ♫ Hey, there's no more corner office ♫

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