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Ben and Barry make a crowd-pleasing recipe using an unlikely ingredient!

Black Pudding Fritters


  • 3 turnips

  • 3 apples

  • 4 slices black pudding

  • 1 shallot

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

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- Today we've done a really awesome apple and turnip mash with some really awesome black pudding fritters. Gonna serve with 10 cent broccoli and crispy bacon. So much going on! - It's done. Jay, Mike, come on, food's up! - [Voiceover] This is Ben, Jamie, Barry and Mike. - Don't mind me. - [Voiceover] We are old schoolmates, and together the faces of Sorted, an online cooking community with one aim, to get more of our generation into the kitchen. In each episode, one of us attempts to impress the group with a great-tasting recipe. And we talk food at the table. - For what we're about to receive. - Sit down! - [Mike] That looks like mashed potato with bacon-- - [Jaime] That's broccoli. - [Mike] And huge Scotch eggs. - [Jaime] Yeah, they do look like Scotch eggs. - [Ben] Try it. - [Mike] Woah! What is that? - That is not a Scotch egg. - [Ben] Does that give you a clue? - [Jaime] That's so brown! Is it black pudding? - [Ben] Yeah. - I love black pudding! - [Ben] You a big fan? - [Mike] I don't know if I've ever tried black pudding. - That is really good black pudding. - [Mike] Today's my lucky day. That's amazing! - [Jaime] Is it like a fritter? - That's exactly what it is. - Think, almost fish cake, without the fish. - [Mike] Pig blood eggs, lovely. - [Ben] Take a shallot, finely dice it and sweat it off. Beat together with the black pudding and chopped parsley. Then flour, egg, breadcrumb, and finally, fry for a golden fritter. - Do you know, up north, they have black pudding throwing competitions? Like shot put. - Bit like Welly throwing? - [Barry] Yeah. They'll be like. They were really easy to mold because they're quite fatty. You know how a lot of fish will fall apart? These ones you can really mold together. - Easy as. It makes black pudding look appetizing. - Yeah because black pudding's got that kind of thing, people know it's pig's blood, so they don't want to eat it. - [Barry] What do you think about the mashed potato? - [Jaime] You've confused me for a second, then. - That tastes like a vegetable. Is that cabbage or something like that? - What goes well with pork? - Applesauce. - Yeah so, apples in it. - [Ben] Apple and? - Now I wouldn't get this one. Turnip and apple mash, just peel the turnips and the apples, coarse them into chunky pieces and then in cold, salted water, boil up our turnips for 15 minutes before adding in the apples as well. - Actually a really nice apple. - Eating apple, so it's not a cooking apple, which is why it holds its texture. - It was actually really, really simple. And as easy as mashed potato. - It's really nice. Really good. - Talk me through the process of the broccoli. - It tastes as though it's been marinated in boiling water. - [Ben] Marinated in salted boiling water for about two minutes, keep it simple, keep it crunchy. - I must say I did an amazing job on the bacon. - [Jaime] How did you get it so crispy? - Bacon watch. It's like Baywatch, but more fatty. I was down there for too long. - I suppose the bigger question out of all of this is how did he get on? - It was good, 30 minutes, we nailed it. Would you be able to make it again? - Yes! - Without Ben? - Yes! I put it in wonky and it all fell over. Sorry. I was not listening at all there. - You've got your-- - [Ben] Bacon. - Bacon. It's an easy mistake. - What would you give him out of 10, then? - It was a good seven and a half. - Something to improve on. - Room for improvement, mate.

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