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Ben and Mike make a homemade pasta designed to impress that special someone — or at the very least the other guys at the table.

Braised Beef and Homemade Pasta


  • 2 cups plain flour

  • 3 eggs

  • 3/4 ounce dried porcini

  • 1 pound stewing steak

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

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- Today, Mike and I have been making awesome, homemade pasta. Look at that, makes such a difference. We've also got braised beef, a beautiful stew, some Parmesan, a bit of fresh parsley, anything you need. We ought to get the lads up to the table and tuck in. - [Voiceover] This is Ben, Jamie, Barry, and Mike. - Don't mind me. - [Voiceover] We are old schoolmates and together the faces of Sorted. An online cooking community with one aim, to get more of our generation into the kitchen. In each episode, one of us attempts to impress the group with a great tasting recipe and we talk food at the table. - Are you driving Jamie? - Nope. - This looks incredible. - [Jamie] It looks like a pasta with a tomato sauce. - Yeah, yeah right. So you're an attractive young lady. - [Jamie] Oh, I am? - And you've been invited around to my house, are you impressed? - [Jamie] First question, will your mom and dad be there? - No, they've gone out for the evening, the theater. My little brother maybe, but, whatever he can play on the Xbox. - Are you making this? - Well, I put this down in front of you, are you impressed? Honestly. - Honestly, yes. - I am because that doesn't look like store bought pasta. - Yes - See I told you you'd get bonus points for that. - And that looks like a really good sauce. I've got no idea what it is. - [Barry] It looks like spaghetti bolognese on steroids. - [Jamie] It's got massive chunks of meat in it. - Oh yeah. - That is really good. - [Mike] It's cool, isn't it? - You didn't make that. - I did, I did, didn't I? - You did, in fact, you took most of the control today. - Yeah. I want to broaden my horizons, so teach me Ben. - We're gonna do exactly that. Pasta, start off with eggs. Crack them into bowl of flour and salt. Knead it together until you've got a nice, soft dough. - Look at him just standing there watching. - I just heard someone say they wanted to take this recipe by the scruff of the neck. - I changed my mind, I don't want to do it anymore. I'm a good watcher. - [Ben] And then once you're happy. - I was happy 10 minutes ago. - Good bit of kneading, that goes into the fridge to rest for half and hour. - We're very impressed and we would fall into bed with you. Fine, what about this sauce? - Yeah, basically I chopped a million root vegetable. Think of a root vegetable in there. - [Jamie] Parsley? - Yep - You're such a liar. - Onion, garlic, carrot, and celery all peeled finely chopped and then sweated off in a shot of oil in a pan with two bay leaves. For the meat, we've got stewing steak or casserole steak, cut up and seasoned flour and then add it to our sweated off root vegetables along with smoked panchetta, cut into very very small cubes. And finally the sauce that's made from a glass of white wine, porcini mushrooms, tomato puree, tomato passata, and beef stock. Let it bubble for two hours, then we can come back to an amazing beef stew. - Excuse me, how rude. Obviously, I am still in control of this recipe, I've just handed over to the apprentice. - To roll the pasta, what we need to do is take the batch you've rested in the fridge, flour a surface, and roll it out nice and thin. Take the time, move it occasionally. Then flour the top, roll it back on itself a few times and cut through so you get perfect practically straight pieces. How sexy does that look as food? That is what homemade pasta is about, that's why we do it. - Yeah, sexy, that's the first thing that broke through my head, "Boy, that pasta's sexy." So we just put this in boiling water now? - [Ben] Roughly boiling, salted water, about three or four minutes. Drain, olive oil, salt and pepper, that's it, fresh pasta done. - [Barry] What's it called again? - [Mike] Pappadeli - Pappadeli - Papapadeli - Papapadeli - I did not say that. - You did, it rocked. - Come on, let's clear up.

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