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Ben and Mike make a delicious vegetarian noodle dish made from wild mushrooms, and the guys contemplate what really makes a mushroom "wild".

Wild Mushroom Noodles


  • 125 milliliters vegetable stock

  • 4 tablespoons soy sauce

  • 300 grams tenderstem broccoli

  • 200 grams soya beans

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

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- Today Ben and I have made wild mushroom noodles, it smells amazing. I literally can't get across to you how good it smells. This is Ben, Jamie, Barry, and Mike. - Don't mind me. - We are old school mates, and together the faces of Sorted, an online cooking community with one aim, to get more of our generation into the kitchen. In each episode one of us attempts to impress the group with a great-tasting recipe. And we talk food at the table. - I have no idea what the hell that is. - I can see noodles, and I can see beans. Smell it. - Mushrooms? - Taste. - That's good. - That's amazing, isn't it? - That's intense. - Dig in. Get loads of that sauce. - Um m, wow. - It's nutty. It's Chinese-y. - Well, it's Japanese, mixed mushroom noodles. The sauce around the noodles is a couple of tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter, let down with warm water and some soy sauce. It doesn't look great now, but mix it through the noodles and it tastes amazing. - It's let down. We're disappointed in peanut butter. - It's a culinary term. - Is that a culinary term? - Let it down. - Let it down. - Thin it down. - Talk to me about this. - Well, it's, OK, it's one of those noodles, - Think about it. - Udon. - Udon noodles. - Udon. We're gonna take our udon noodles, and we're going to stir fry them with our broccoli, our soy beans, and our mushrooms. And then we're going to add the best bit, peanut butter. Mushrooms and peanut butter are my two favorite things. If you could chuck an avocado in there this'd be brilliant. - What's that? - That's a mushroom. - What type of mushroom? I've never seen that mushroom before in my life. - It's a delicious mushroom. - But, I'm sure it is, but which one? - I dunno. I'm not a mushroom expert, am I? - Ben? - A wild mushroom. - Aren't they all wild mushrooms? - These ones are yet to be tamed. - No, these are wild ones, as in they're picked from the wild rather than grown in farms. - What? - And they're treated really badly, not allowed to move, got no space. - Yeah, they're caged mushrooms. We should do a carnival or like some sort of parade for them I think. - We should. - What's the batter on these babies? - Really light, a tempura batter. You can still see the mushroom through it. Made with just plain flour, a little pinch of salt, ice cold, sparkling water. That's all you need. Top tip, ice cubes into your batter keeps it really cold. Cause you want the contrast of ice cold batter into hot oil, so it makes it really crispy. - I'm gonna have to try more of this sauce you haven't told me too much about it. - It's onion, garlic, ginger, chile, help. - No? - No, that's fine. - Well why don't you just tell me? - You look like you're slicing your thumb. Fry it off with a handful of mixed mushrooms, and then once they're soft and sweated down, we can add in mirin, soy sauce, flour, which is what thickens it. Finish it up with puree, red wine, veg stock, and then just simmer for about 20 minutes. Strain off all the lumps of onion bits and pieces, and you're left with an amazing, very quite intense, an amazing broth, and you just pour a little bit over the noodles. - You know what, this is one of the best vegetarian recipes I think I've ever had. - And there's so much going on, it's really interesting. - The noodles, the beans, the crunchy broccoli, the shitake mushrooms. - The spice. - And it's all that. - And the spice. - It's got warmth, eh? - You're sweating again. - You don't need to reference this in every video. Done. - Well, we haven't even finished the wine yet.

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