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Melanie (Knigge) Foreman

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Laura Enlists Help To Make Kombucha's Cousin, Kompot.



  • Raw honey 1-2 tb

  • Fruit and greens (your choice)12 ounces

  • Filtered water


  1. Cut your fruit/greens in chunks

  2. Add fruit to a jar

  3. Add your honey

  4. Fill your jar with filtered water

  5. Cover your jar and shake it

  6. Once your honey is all mixed in, add a sheet-clothe over it so it breaths

  7. Let it do its magic for 2 days at room temperature





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- Da-da-da-da-da Hi, do you like Kombucha but hate paying five dollars for it? Do you like that fermented feel but don't want that demented deal? I got news for ya my friend Mel here is gonna teach you how to make Kompot which is basically just a probiotic made out of fruit. - M-hm - And it's super easy, and we're gonna go forage some fruit to do it. Let's go do it. So can you tell me anything about the origin of Kompot? - Kompot has its roots in the same ancient health wisdom as like Kombucha and other fermented beverages like Kvass. - Oh, yeah. - And this Kompot is basically just fruit Kvass. So it's a lightly fermented, slightly sour and like pleasantly fizzy little beverage. - M-hmm - Filled with probiotics. - Wadle-da-da And what is this? - This is wild white sage. - Oh, cool. - Sage is very calming. They say it relates to a spiritual realm, so it quiets the mind, and it smells amazing. - [Laura] It really does. I wanna - Here it is. How's that? Yeah, girl. - Cool. - You look mad sage. - Oh, hey look. We could use this couldn't we? - Uh-huh. - Should I break off a little piece? - Yeah, just a little rosemary if you please. - For the record, we know the people that live here. This is not stealing. Ooooh. - For you. - Thank you. Alright, let's see what else they got. Really for reals, not stealing. Friends. So we specifically came to this yard because we knew our friend had a really great pomegranate tree. So let's pick some pomegranates. - Let's get 'em. Excelsior. - Alright. I think that's all we need, right? - That's all we need. - For right now. - I have a bunch of stuff for us at home, so we are set. - Oh, cool. - Let's do it. - Yeah. Look at all this gorgeous fruit we have. Mel, you've outdone yourself. How do you make this Kompot stuff? - So you need three things, - M-hmm. raw honey, - [Laura] Okay. - [Mel] ripe fruit, - M-hmm. - filtered water. - Oh. - And you go crazy. - That's it? - Yeah, that's it. - That's so awesome. - First, we are going to slice and dice. - What combination are you gonna do? - I kinda wanna do stone fruit and maybe some rosemary. - I think I'm gonna do the berry one. - So we're going for around 12ish ounces of fruit. - Very loose. - Yeah. - I like that. - [Mel] Hot tip for ya. - [Laura] Okay. - [Mel] When you're slicing and dicing don't go too small. You wanna have some surface area to everything because we're not going for like pulp. We want chunks. We wanna give the yeast something to like grab onto and eat up. - [Laura] What happens next? - I'm sorta feeling the apple, cucumber, mint vibe. - I'm gonna get some water. Because this is like the how to not stain your clothes version. You're not actually going to cut it completely all the way through. - [Mel] Okay. - [Laura] Just do kinda like the sides. Good idea. - [Mel] Oh. - [Laura] So dreamy. See this is why it's so rad because all the seeds go to the bottom, and the pith floats to the top so you can just kinda scoop it out. You know what I was thinking? - [Mel] Hm? - [Laura] Should we just put ginger in all of them? - Yeah, why not. - [Laura] And we can keep the skin on because it's organic, right? - [Mel] We wanna keep the skin on. It's organic. That's gonna give us that added boost. - Look at all our gorgeous combinations. - Let's line these babies up. - Alright, what happens next? - Now, we add the honey. - [Laura] How much are we putting into each jar? - So we're aiming loosely for one to two tablespoons. - [Laura] Okay. - But it has to be raw because that has the wild yeast in it that's gonna activate and then ferment all the nice sugars in here, and that's how you're gonna get a probiotic beverage. - What is next? - Now, we need some filtered water. - Ohhh. - And we're just gonna fill it up to the top of each jar, but quick little note, it has to be filtered. - [Laura] Okay. - [Mel] So either use your Brita or get bottled water because you can't use tap. It has chlorine in it, and that will actually inhibit all fermentation, and then what's the point? - [Laura] Oh, what is the point? - [Mel] So we're gonna put a lid on each of these, and then we're gonna shake it like there's no tomorrow. - Da-da-da-da-da - See, so now you can already see, the honey's all mixed in. And you can already see it's starting to bubble. And the more it starts to ferment at room temperature, the more you're gonna see that over the next couple days. So you're gonna put a little dish towel, a paper towel, a cheesecloth over with either a rubber band or you can put the lid right back on. - Oh, keepin the air flow goin. - M-hmm. - But the bugs out. - [Mel] And you're gonna let the CO2 out because if you leave this lid on forever and ever it's gonna create a lot of pressuring. - So now we gotta wait for two days. - Two whole days, but you're in luck. I have some of these babies prepped and ready to go. - Oooooh that's awesome - You wanna try a little sip? - 'cause I'm very impatient. Yes, let's try it. - Let's do this. - Okay. - Alright. - Cheers, I'm gonna - Cheers. - try it out for the first time. - Ohh. - It's nice, right? - Ohhh. - A tiny bit sour. - Yeah. - Pleasantly effervescent. - Uh-huh. - Delightfully probiotic. - Thanks for showing me how to make these. I'm gonna actually do this like for real at home. I can't wait. - You won't be sorry. You're gonna love it. - Cheers. - Cheers.

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