Plant Pot Side Table Image

Plant Pot Side Table

Tia Mowry's Weekend Refresh - "A Living Room Goes from Dark to Damn!"


  • 3 pot planters of the same size
  • precut plywood circles
  • spray paint
  • liquid nails or other industrial adhesive
  • rag


  1. Take pot planter and turn it upside down (open side facing down)
  2. Rim & apply a generous amount of liquid nails to the base of the planter (traditionally the bottom side of the planter)
  3. Set another pot planter on top of the planter with adhesive applied.
  4. Press firmly together, and wipe away any adhesive that spills out.
  5. Apply adhesive to the open end side of the planter you just set
  6. Place precut plywood circle on top & press down firmly.
  7. Don’t move the planter until all glue has dried and everything is held together securely
  8. Spray paint entire surface of the table - let dry & decorate