DIY Pavers Image

DIY Pavers

Tia Mowry's Weekend Refresh - "A Party-Worthy Patio"


  • Machete
  • Shovel
  • Pavers
  • Rubber mallet


  1. Place pavers in desired locations in yard.
  2. Trace each paver with a lawn knife/machete cutting 2-3 inches into the ground.
  3. *TIP: Add water to the ground to soften if unable to cut through with knife.
  4. Once you have your cuts around pavers made, remove the pavers, and use shovel to dig out the area where the pavers will be placed.
  5. Once you’ve dug out the space, place the paver into the hole, and use a rubber mallet to tap the paver in place.
  6. *TIP: Use some of the removed dirt to make sure your paver is set level in the dug out hole.