Sun Shade Poles Image

Sun Shade Poles

Tia Mowry's Weekend Refresh - "A Party-Worthy Patio"


  • Sun Shades
  • Metal pole
  • Base for metal pole
  • Pre-Cut Lumber
  • Zip Ties
  • Quick Drying Cement
  • Shovel
  • Mallet


  1. Lay out metal pole and pre-cut lumber
  2. Using zip ties attach pole to lumber
  3. Using a shovel, dig a hole in the ground where poles will be placed
  4. Using mallet, install metal pole base into the hole
  5. Insert poles into base (metal pole + zip-tied lumber)
  6. Mix quick-drying cement with cold water until you get a pancake batter texture
  7. Once cement is dry fill the rest of the hole with dirt
  8. Hang sun shades at the top of the poles