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Shu Han(3)
Brooklyn, NY, USA


I grew up in a country and a house full of amazing food, but I never really had anything to do with creating that amazing food. Mummy, I can cook is the name of the original photo album where I posted pictures of my edible attempts at cooking back in that very first semester away from home, a way to assure my mum and myself I was surviving. I didn't shrivel away and die, but it was always about sustenance, sometimes a hit, sometimes (usually) a miss.

Shu grew up in Singapore, a country known for its amazing food (and 55-storey high infinity pools), and continues her nation's obsession with food in London, where she writes about food that's seasonal, British, yet Singaporean at the same time, influenced by the comforting flavours of home and her old weekend job managing a farmer’s market. That started while she was studying graphic design atCentral Saint Martins College (London), so by some inevitable force, she ended up twirling noodles and sprinkling coriander and collecting plates and rescuing wooden boards from the dumpster to make food look beautiful. By that same inevitable force, a lot of her design projects feature the edible.

Her recipes, food writing and styling work have appeared in Cereal Magazine, The New York Times Diner's Journal (thanks to Crumbs Magazine), Great British Chefs, Hey Tucker Australia, Honeycombers Asia, among other foodie publications and platforms; and she has been fortunate enough to be named one of Britain's best food bloggers by The Sunday Times (The Times UK)– see Mummy, I can cook.

Once a month, or whenever she’s got too much energy, she puts on a chef's apron and finds herself hosting supperclubs and popups and workshops. She was most recently part of the Plusixfive collective, and has just finished art directing Plusixfive- A Singaporean Supperclub Cookbook, published by the brilliant folks at Epigram Books. She has since done gigs at/ with Yum Bun, Street Feast London, NONG (Edible Gardens Singapore), Carpenter & Cook etc.