silvia muratovic
Nashville, TN


Originally from Serbia (former Yugoslavia) I lived in a small town called Macvanska Mitrovica. I was raised on my mom’s cooking, and we always ate very well, but also very healthy. All of Serbia had a wonderful habit of providing fresh produce and meat from small farmers all the way to what was available to the masses at grocery stores. “Processed food” was not in our vocabulary or diet so learning how to cook at an early age was very important in my family. My passion for real cooking began when I turned 7 and my mom brought me to the kitchen to teach me her ways.

In 1990, in a country ravaged by war, my family and I were forced to move to Germany where we stayed for almost ten years. Luckily for me, Germany followed some of the same guidelines for cooking, and all-natural products were readily available around every corner. Four out of five grocery stores even hopped on the bandwagon and began offering healthier, natural selections. American choices for natural or organic food we found when we got here in 1999 were abundant, but it was clear that one really had to seek them out. Outside specialty stores, many grocers and markets would carry just a few all-natural items. Soon, it became clear that having a meal in a restaurant of your choice typically would not feature grass-fed beef and organic vegetables, but there is no reason why healthy dishes can't still taste amazing and don't have to be double the price. I have always believed that “you are what you eat” and a healthy, natural diet is the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle, so I decided to bring my kitchen to everyone and specialize in 100% all-natural cooking. I see no greater joy than bringing a smile to someone’s face with a warm meal or sweet treat, and that is only made better when I know that they are doing their body a favor at the same time!