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Soma Chowdhury

San Francisco, CA


I was born and brought up in India and am fascinated by the diversity of Indian food, which mirrors the diversity of people and languages in our vast country. The richness of Indian spices and the complexity of their flavors mean that I get to try a thousand different experiments in my kitchen. After coming to the United States, I was surprised to see that chicken tikka masala and a handful of other dishes still persist as stereotypes of Indian food, so I’m trying to spread the word that Indian food is much more than a collection of yellow or orange curries. I try my best to cook from scratch using the same techniques that my mother and grandmother would have done (I even have a grinding stone!). Come over for a taste of authentic Indian food the way it would be served in my childhood home, and get introduced to tastes, aromas and textures that have been perfected over many thousand years.