Los Angeles, CA


Song + Tonic is a guided tasting experience that pairs craft cocktails with music. We tell our story by deconstructing both song and cocktail, connecting the stories of both, and then finally enjoying the pairing simultaneously, as all the pieces come together in harmony.

About the Founders of Song + Tonic:

Cocktail and spirits expert, Prairie Rose is the Founder and Editor of Bit by a Fox, winner of Saveur Magazine's Readers' Choice Award for Best Drinks Blog, as well as host of the popular Bit by a Fox Podcast. Prairie is an LA-based drinks writer, events producer, trained sommelier, and cocktail & spirits educator. During an event, Prairie will share the rich history and cocktail folklore behind each of the cocktails we explore. She'll break down the recipes, discuss the ingredients, and go over essential bar tools and glassware that you'll need for all of the cocktails.

Kala Maxym is our music guide throughout Song + Tonic. Curating the music selection to pair with the cocktail tasting experience, Kala will take us through a deep dive into the origins and style of each song, and why it was chosen as the perfect accompaniment to each tipple. Kala is the Founder of Five Senses Tastings, a boutique special events company that elevates guests’ sensory experiences through the purposeful and meaningful engagement of their five senses. Partnering with world-class musicians, chefs, sommeliers, chocolatiers, and other flavor artists, she composes full-sensory events that weave together a diverse and global narrative guided by live music and enhanced by flavor.