La La Land: The Sounds and Flavors of Los Angeles

Venice, Venice


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Song & Tonic presents a guided music & cocktail tasting experience that explores the sounds and flavors of Los Angeles. We will deconstruct three LA-inspired songs with three craft cocktails featuring local ingredients. Each cocktail ingredient will be paired with an instrument, harmony, or melody from the featured song. As we mix, shake & stir, musicians play melodies and sounds that emulate the ingredients and explore their relation to the full song. Song & Tonic programs are designed to be paired with hors d'oeuvres and/or dinner.

Menu detail

Champagne Cocktail
The Champagne Cocktail is a wonderful welcome drink. Classic, bubbly & crowd-pleasing, this drink is made with gin, lemon juice, champagne, and sugar. We update this drink with our own seasonal fruit syrups! With the addition of California citrus and handmade syrups, we’ve made this classic cocktail into truly a Los Angeles treat. "City of the Angels" by Fred Astaire is our opening song for this event. Though little is known about this song, it speaks to the open minded and open-hearted people who live here. "Train or boat or jet there just as soon as you can get there, and I bet that you’ll be met there by a friend.” Whether you’re sitting next to someone you already know or a stranger, we are so happy to be amongst friends here in the City of the Angels, and we look forward to exploring the sounds and flavors of this city with you tonight.
La La Lemon Drop
The signature flavor of LA is citrus - bright, sunshine, cheery (in fact Downtown LA was filled with grape and citrus groves not that long ago!) Citrus is what this cocktail is about. The La La Lemon Drop is a riff on the Lemon Drop created at a Fern Bar in SF in the 70s. This is a creamier, dreamier version made with lemon curd that pairs perfectly with our more whimsical version of "California Dreamin." It's a comfort food song and cocktail pairing and with locally made citrus, lemon curd, and wild thyme as a garnish, this Lemon Drop is truly very La La. The Mamas and Papas is all about harmony and blend, typically between the two female and two male voices. That’s what this drink is also about: a harmonious blend of ingredients that shows off the juxtaposition of the acid (lemon juice) and sweetness (lemon curd) - maybe you could say that’s representative of the juxtaposition between the glamour and the grit of LA. The song was written in the frigid New York winter of 1963 and makes us all long for the warm summer breezes and laid-back lifestyle of LA.
Apricot Tom Collins
The Tom Collins is a classic - it’s been around since the late 1800s. It’s a simple one - Gin, lemon juice, sugar and sparkling water. For the sweet element we’ve made this with our own apricot syrup. We’re lucky in California because our apricot season starts earlier than the rest of the country. And we are just in the beginning of it. With the addition of California citrus and local mint garnish, we’ve made this classic cocktail into a California Tom Collins. "From this moment on" by Cole Porter was originally written for a musical no one has ever heard of but was dropped from the show before its Broadway premiere. Just as cocktails are reimagined by different bartenders in different places, so songs are reimagined by different musicians and producers. Ella Fitzgerald - our inspiration for this song – recorded it in 1956 with newly created Verve Records, who released this as their very first album. Like the Tom Collins, this is refreshing and perky, very approachable and with a memorable melody. The producer was interested in how he could enhance Ella’s position and following beyond just jazz fans. He proposed that the first Verve album be not a jazz project, but rather an album of the works of Cole Porter. This album, along with the others that formed the Great American Songbook, solidified Ella's fame as a singer of many different genres. In 2003, it was one of 50 recordings chosen by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry.

La La Land: The Sounds and Flavors of Los Angeles

Venice, California

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