Exploring The American Whiskey Cocktail Through Song Pairing

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


Song & Tonic is a guided tasting experience that pairs craft cocktails with music. We tell our story by deconstructing both song and cocktail, connecting the stories of both, and then finally enjoying the pairing simultaneously, as all the pieces come together in harmony. __________ The story of the cocktail is very much an American one, and American-made whiskey plays a vital role in this story. For this guided tasting experience, we'll take three classic whiskey cocktails that have made an impact on history, and pair each one with a song inspired by the cocktail’s style, flavors, and its place in American history. Our tasting journey will begin at the advent of the cocktail explosion in America in the 1800s, through the underground Jazz Age of Prohibition, and the swing of the post-Prohibition era, finally ending up in today’s new Golden Age of Cocktails. Our menu makes suggestion for ingredients to have on hand for our tasting. For more info about Song + Tonic, check out "About the Host" at the bottom of this page.

Menu detail

The Whiskey Smash
Ingredients: Rye Whiskey 2 Wheels of Lemon Simple Syrup (1:1, sugar:water) Mint Leaves Garnish: Mint & Lemon Ice Tools: Jigger (oz measuring device) Muddler Swizzle Glassware: Rocks Glass
Ingredients: American Whiskey Sweet Vermouth Aromatic Bitters Garnish: Maraschino Cherry Ice Tools: Jigger Mixing Glass Bar Spoon Strainer Glassware: Cocktail Glass (Coupe)
The Old Fashioned
Ingredients: Bourbon or Rye Whiskey Sugar or Simple Syrup Aromatic bitters Garnish: Orange Twist Ice Tools: Jigger Mixing Glass Bar Spoon Strainer Glassware: Old Fashioned Glass