Spencer Walker(2)
Brooklyn, NY, USA


ROOFTOP SUPPER CLUB is the brainchild of Brooklynites Spencer Walker and Will Holloway. It all began one glorious September night Will's legendary Greenpoint roofdeck with its dramatic view of Manhattan. Once a month, diners gather for a night of locally sourced multi-course indulgence. A little about the chefs:

If Anthony Bourdain had an illegitimate son, SPENCER WALKER would claim paternity. He worked through school as a chef and did private catering/cheffing before becoming a TV writer/executive at Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network. During the WGA writers strike, suddenly broke and single, he anonymously blogged his culinary seduction exploits on http://cooktobang.com/, which landed him a book deal. Spencer now writes TV, advertising, and restaurant reviews for NY Magazine. In addition to the supper club, he also teaches Cook To Bang-themed cooking classes.

WILL HOLLOWAY is often found perusing the many great farmer's markets of NYC. He knows where to source anything worthy of putting in your mouth throughout the city and pushes locally sourced food to new levels. When Will is not seducing your taste buds, he spends his days as a psychotherapist with teenagers. Will also maintains a cooking blog that details his gastronomic alchemy: http://www.rooftopbrooklyn.com/