Spice Up Your Passover Seder

LivestreamSan Diego, CA


Let's get ready for Passover! Join me for a live interactive cooking experience. As we cook together, we'll talk about how to keep your guests engaged during the Seder meal. MENU: KARPAS VEGETABLE BOUQUET (Vegetable Crudite) (This is for demonstration - no need to make this until the day of Seder.) HAROSET TWO WAYS: ASHKENAZI & SEPHARDI SPICED MATZA CRACKERS MUSHROOM PATE (aka Mock Chopped Liver) PASSOVER ALMOND CAKE This class will also cover: How to pick the right Haggadah for your Seder. Passover melodies that everyone can sing at the table. Explore ways to create a meaningful Seder for the entire family, including the young and the young at heart. THIS MENU IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH TRADITIONAL DIETARY PRACTICES OF PASSOVER. (No Hametz, No Kitniot.) Don't forget to register for SPICE UP YOUR PASSOVER PART 2 on Sunday, April 10 @ 11:00 AM - 12:50PM (PT) and discover some delicious Passover recipes for the dinner portion of the meal! We will also talk about wine and how to pick one that will be delicious with your meal.