Spice Up Your Passover Dinner

LivestreamSan Diego, CA


Let's get ready for Passover together! As we cook, we'll talk about how to create a complete menu from Kaddesh to Nirtza (from beginning to end). MENU: THE RED SEA PART-INI COCKTAIL CRISPY ORANGE CHICKEN WITH GINGER & HONEY (Would you believe it's made w/ matzah meal?!) MATZAH FARFEL STUFFING WITH MUSHROOMS & ONIONS ROSEMARY GARLIC ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS WITH A HOMEMADE POMEGRANATE BALSAMIC This class will also cover: How to organize a complete Passover dinner How to pick a great wine for your seder (Matzah Farfel Stuffing can be frozen after class & saved for your Passover dinner.) THIS MENU IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH TRADITIONAL DIETARY PRACTICES OF PASSOVER. (No Hametz, No Kitniot.) You might also want to register for SPICE UP YOUR PASSOVER PART 1 on Wed., April 6 @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (PT) and pick up some delicious recipes for the Seder portion of the meal plus a quick and easy dessert!