San Francisco, CA


Spices and Aroma's Chai Popup is the concept I developed two years ago as part of my Feastly pop-up series, Madras 83.

It evokes the post-colonial legacy of the British high tea and combines it with authentic flavors and rituals from South India, where I grew up. In my memory, pausing for afternoon chai in India was a very special time for family and neighbors to gather and catch-up about their day. The door is always open, there’s no need for an appointment or invitation: it is an informal and casual gathering and that casualness is reflective of our culture of hospitality. I wanted to translate this special communal experience and replicate it in my current life in California, with a few innovations. In India we usually have chai with just a couple of snacks, before dinner.

For my Chai events, we plan a more substantial menu featuring an array of savory and sweet treats to showcase the diverse and rich culinary heritage of my home state of Tamil Nadu, one of the four states of Southern India.

We serve food with Southern Indian & Californian inspirations & beyond. We do plated meals at our location for 10-20 diners (events like baby shower, anniversary celebration, birthday parties). If you are interested, please contact me.