Vegan Thanksgiving Meal

Haight, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
Local, Organic, Vegan
We are back to celebrate Thanksgiving with our elaborate Southern Indian meal. This time we will be serving vegan dishes that are popular in different regions of Tamil Nadu I come from Southern part of India. That part of the nation where tamarind, coconut, mangoes, rice and curry leaves are popular. Living here in the US, I miss home, family, weddings and great food. Food is an integral part of any celebrations ( birthdays, weddings, promotions, child birth or any great happenings). I wanted to re-create a South Indian celebratory meal for special occasions right here in San Francisco. That's how this pop-up idea to host a 20 vegan dishes was born. As you enter the venue, panagam shots (traditional lemonade) with masala vadai (deep fried lentil fritters) and pakoras (vegetable fritters) will be served. After brief introductions, I will talk about South Indian cuisine, its heritage and culture. We will serve the dishes in a banana leaf. Each banana leaf is like a disposable plate. Once used, they are left to compost. It is one of the most eco-friendly way to dine. The leaves are placed on the table and you will eat the food with your hands (that’s purely optional). We will provide you with a spoon. A small amount of rice placed in the banana leaf is mixed with curried lentils, vegetables, chips or dips and then picked up using your fingers and maneuvered right up to your mouth. You dont put your fingers into your mouth . Just use your thumb to push the food inside. We promise to take you to Tamil Nadu, South Indian state through your palate and bring you back with a happy tummy. Below is a sample of the dishes that will be served. We will make it seasonal and local so come with an open mind to try new flavor profile and new ingredients.

Menu detail

Welcome Drink
We will welcome you with a glass of Ellaneer Drink made with tender coconut water, coconiut palm sugar, lemons and cumin seeds
Green Banana Varuval
Small Plate
Crispy dry curry made with green banana and aromatic spice paste
Hot Kondakadalai Pirattal
Slow cooked garbanzo means is served with spice paste and curry leaves
Small Plate
Seasonal vegetable cooked with lentils and coconut
Vegetable Sambhar
Small Plate
Seasonal vegetables cooked with spices, tamarind and lentils
Lemon Rasam
Small Plate
Lentil soup made with lemon, lentils and tomatoes
Cucumber-Mango-Carrot Salad
Small Plate
Everyday salad made with lemon juice
Small Plate
Deep fried lentil fritters
Flavored Paruppu
Small Plate
Lentils seasoned with sesame oil, spices and curry leaves
Masala Vada
Small Plate
Crispy savory donuts made with lentils, garlic and curry leaves
Vegetable Pakoda
Small Plate
Deep fried vegetable fritters
Indian Pickle
Small Plate
Vegetables pickled with chili powder, fenugreek and oil
Tamarind Curry
Vathakozhambhu - curry made with tamarind, garlic and spices
White Rice
Steamed South Indian Ponni Rice
Paruppu Podi
Small Plate
Flavorful spice powder with roasted chickpeas. It will be serve over white rice and ghee
Coconut Thogayal
Small Plate
South Indian pesto made with coconuts, spices and curry leaves
Poricha Vathal
Small Plate
Crunchy and colorful deep fried fryums

Vegan Thanksgiving Meal

Haight, San Francisco
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