Madras 83 : Chef's Tasting Menu

In-Person Mission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Gluten Free, Halal, Local, Organic, Vegetarian
I will be serving South Indian dishes cooked with local and seasonal ingredients. Since we are rolling into the holiday season, I hand picked the dishes my mom would make for parties. As you enter the venue, a welcome drink will be served. Once you settle down, we will bring the wooden platter consisting of hot soup and 3 appetizers. You will enjoy them until we bring the entree of rice dish first followed by yogurt rice. As the night gets colder, we will wrap the night with a hot dessert and a small drink on a shot glass.

Menu detail

Welcome Drink
Panagam (South Indian lemonade) with a fizz Ginger | Cardamom | Jaggery | Mint
Chef's Platter
Soup Bowl | Masala Vadai | Plastic Pockets | Idli Cupcakes | Description is below
Pepper Rasam
Small Plate
South Indian Soup made with homemade spice powder and vegetables. A steamy soup to warm the cold December night. Served together on a wooden platter
Masala Vadai
Small Plate
Masala Vadai is a South Indian's answer to falafel. Lentils | Garlic | Fennel Served together on a wooden platter
Edible Plastic Pockets
Inspired from Gaggan Anand's edible pocket, I made my own version of the same. Served together on a wooden platter
Idli Cupcakes
Small Plate
Rice | Lentils | Vegetables | Chutneys Served together on a wooden platter
Ambur Biryani Bowl
Aromatic rice served with vegetable kurma, yogurt dip (raita), cilantro thogayal and appalam Basmati | Vegetables | Dry Curry | Lentil Wafers | Raita
Yogurt Rice Comfort Food
Strauss Yogurt | Rice | Black Puree | Spicy Chicken or Mushrooms | Rice Wafers
Almond Paan Drink
Almond Milk | Paan Leaves | Rose Petal Jam | Cardamom
Idiyappam Delight
Steamed Rice Noodles | Masala Base | Caramelized Banana | Matcha Foam | Nuts Vegan Option Available

Madras 83 : Chef's Tasting Menu

In-Person Mission, San Francisco
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