Madras 83: Food Festival Series

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Local, Organic, Vegetarian
Starting in 2017, we will be hosting Madras-83: Food Festival Series. In this meal, we will be serving a 3-course meal comprising of dishes that are so close to my heart and that will remind me of my grandmother's (achi's) kitchen. 1. Soup & Salad Duo 2. Entree : Two main dish with 3 Dips Combo 3. Dessert with Tea We will be hand picking dishes that are popular from different regions of Southern India. I will be cooking them with organic, local & seasonal ingredients. It is a great pleasure to share the cuisine I grew up with and let you all know that there is more Indian food than just naan, samosa, butter chicken & saag paneer. We hope to share the stories & flavors of my home state Tamil Nadu through this series.

Menu detail

Soup-Salad Duo
This soup is made like mulligatawny. British called the pepper soup as mulligatawny. It originated from the Tamil word "Millagu Thanni" which means "Pepper Water". I will be making this soup for our cold January night with homemade spice powder, brocolli and cilantro. Soup will be drizzdles with cumin seed oil & crispy curry leaves and will be served with bhoondi and a side salad.
Madras Tiffin Platter
Colorful Brown Rice Idli Cupcakes and Quinoa-Rice Pongal with Sambar & Green Goddess Chutney 1. Idli is steamed rice cakes, a popular breakfast & dinner dish from Southern part of India. I will be using some brown rice in the batter. It is made with fermented rice-lentil batter. I will be layering them with flavorful vegetable base. I will serve them like cupcakes. 2. Pongal is South Indian version of a risotto - creamy, mushy dish made with rice, lentils, cumin seeds, peppercorns and curry leaves. I will be replacing half the amount of rice with quinoa. 3. Three Dips: Lentil stew (sambar), Chidambaram style gosthu (the Baba Ghanoush of South India) & Green Goddess Chutney The stuffed idli and pongal will be served with oodles of sambar, gosthu & chutney
Puple Rice Pudding & English Tea
Purple Rice | Milk | Cardamom | Coconut Palm Sugar | Banana | Nuts It will be served with hot tea

Madras 83: Food Festival Series

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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