Farmer's Market Bounty

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
seafood, french, californian
Local, Organic
Chef Stephen spends his Wednesday mornings shopping at the Santa Monica farmers market forming the backbone of all his menu inspirations. Though Stephen enjoys the challenge of meeting his personal clients needs he is always looking for ways to share his culinary creations with everyone. Join Stephen as he brings the treasures of the Santa Monica farmers market to your plate!

Menu detail

Calamari Farmers Market Salad
Small Plate
Stephen sources only the finest Local Calamari braising it in citrus and squid ink to intensify its natural sweet sea essence. The squid tentacles are tempura fried to add crunchy goodness. Greens are then sourced from local farmers, Coleman family farms or Maggie's farm and local organic fennel is roasted, pureed, and finished to an intensity reminiscent of Caesar dressing.
Market Vegetable Veloute Soup
Small Plate
Seasonal Vegetables cooked sous vide unlock the flavor potential and velvety texture that makes the soup shine. Depending on the season this rotating soup has many faced including Pear and celeryroot, sweet corn and apple, and creamy leek and wild mushroom to name a few! Stephen blends each soup with his farmers market vegetable stock to add more depth and character! After tasting you wont believe it wasn't made with any animal product or dairy!
Olive oil Poached Salmon with Black Garlic + Kalamata Olive Dust
Local King Salmon is slowly cooked emursed in olive oil to retain the color and tenderness of the fish while breaking down the connective tissues leaving the diner wondering if the fish was raw or cooked? Or was it both?? The skins are fried to a crunchy chicharone and paired with a black garlic purée that is both luscious and intense. Stephen will wander the farmers market to find the perfect seasonal vegetables to bring the plate together
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream with Tempura Bananas
Churning his own ice cream from locally sourced cream and milk the velvety texture of the ice cream is enough to stand alone. When local bananas start arriving at the market, this dish soars to even greater heights

Farmer's Market Bounty

In-PersonArts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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