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Steven Andronico

Portland, OR, USA


I've been hosting informal dinner parties in my Glover Park town home since 1993. Meal ideas initially came from my Italian mother and grandmother. I then met a guy on my block who was a chef and liked good music so we became fast friends. He showed me how to cook in bulk for larger groups so we joyfully pushed those limits!

Sunday dinner parties at the house grew into a regular tradition in 2000 and although many would consider the food to be quite good, the best part has always been the friendships created. As a single guy with no kids, my family in DC has always been the people surrounding these events. Eventually, Sunday's over shopping turned into Monday night's repeat performance and with the ubiquity of cell phones, texting made inviting friends last minute simple.

Recently a buddy and I built two long tables with benches to help facilitate seated meals for up to 26 people.

Professionally I am a corporate chef for a company in Northern Virginia. I do all the shopping, cooking and serving of lunch for 50 executives and customers in our executive briefing center. I love my job and enjoy cooking for friends 1-2 nights per week.

It is safe to say that my current career exists because of hosting successful dinner parties. I say this because the people who hired me have been attending them since the year 2000 and I guess they liked my skills...particularly the chicken...I make it several ways and I think it's as good or better than any I've ever tasted.