Cook the Menu: Asian in America - Model Minority (Sponsored by Vervet)

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Learn how to make Asian in America Course 4: Model Minority! This dish examines the model minority myth and its pervasive effect on Asian American identity as well as interpersonal relationships & interactions. This dish is composed of: ngo om scented veal sweetbreads; Shanghai sweet & sour sauce; sauteed celtuce; shrimp & chive rice gel sheet; and chrysanthemum puree. Chef Jenny Dorsey will also be doing a live spoken word demonstration alongside the cooking demonstration. This course is sponsored by Vervet! For more information, visit -- Cook the Menu: Asian in America is a new virtual cook-along and discussion series from Studio ATAO as part of our 2021 fundraising efforts. Over the course of 7 sessions, guest are able to recreate (or simply watch demonstrations of) all 6 food courses & 2 cocktails from our Asian in America ( experience at home, while learning about the symbolism & thought process behind each dish from our founder Jenny Dorsey. There will be a lively, small-group discussion about the topics of each course alongside Q&A with Jenny. All guests will receive digital poetry placards for the courses and can opt into renting a VR headset for the full virtual experience. Session Details: - Hosted by Studio ATAO founder Jenny Dorsey. - Recipes and a list of ingredients needed will be made available before each session. - Cook-along will include live Q&A and step-by-step instructions. - Exclusive live session content includes in-depth explanations of each dish's symbolism and poetry readings. - Recordings will be made available to all participants. -- About Asian in America Asian in America ( is a culinary-based storytelling experience that explores the complex narrative of the Asian American identity through food & drink, virtual reality, spoken word & poetry. Over the course of a 6-course dinner, guests interact with both poetry and virtual reality creations that explain the symbolism behind the ingredients, cooking techniques and final plating of every dish. Each course tackles a different topic within the trials and triumphs of the Asian American identity, from cultural hierarchies in the food system and the lack of individualism granted to minorities, to the internalization of the "white savior" complex. About Studio ATAO Studio ATAO ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community think tank creating content & experiences at the intersection of food, art and social impact. Since 2018 we have debuted multiple interdisciplinary concepts, including our award-nominated Asian in America and HIDDEN, and toured these series across the U.S. from NYC to Honolulu. Our live experiences have reached thousands of guests and earned us press coverage in media outlets such as Food & Wine, Eater National and Forbes. -- For full terms & conditions for this event, please visit

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Model Minority
Small Plate
This dish is composed of ngo om scented veal sweetbreads; Shanghai sweet & sour sauce; sauteed celtuce; shrimp & chive rice gel sheet; and chrysanthemum puree.
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Want the full Asian in America visual experience? Rent one of our Oculus GO VR headsets for the duration of the Cook the Menu event series! The rental will include 1 VR headset + controller as well as a prepaid label to ship the headset back to us after the series concludes. NOTE: If you plan on attending more than one of the Cook the Menu sessions, you only need to rent the headset ONCE; you will be able to keep it for all the sessions for which you are registered.


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