Los Angeles, CA


It all started when I was 9 years old. My Italian mom and grandmother have always embraced the kitchen as a holy space in our house. I was born and raised in Argentina and have been an athlete until I got into Architecture School. I was blessed enough to love cooking and cooked for myself all through college. Yet, I noticed that everyone around me always chose fast food and made bad food choices. As I grew older, graduated and emerged back into the fitness world I learned that proper nutrition and nourishing my body with what it truly needs makes miracles in all aspects of my life.

Today, I gather all my knowledge and bring you Sunlight Nutrition.

I am on a mission to help you achieve optimal wellness. Food is the building block of your body. Your muscles. Your skin. Your cells. Food is more than just carbs, fats, and proteins. Food is also full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that really do matter and affect every part of your wellness. This dinner is an opportunity for me to nourish you with treats. It's time to shift your mindset, think of food as self-love, and to prioritize loving yourself. Once you make this change, eating healthy will become a natural, joyful, and lasting part of your everyday life. Everything in your life will transform.

This dinner is a stepping stone for you to have a taste of how you should be eating. I will provide a series of meals that will nourish your palette, body, and soul. When I cook, I consider food to improve your beauty, strength, and well being. You will eat clean foods that you will love, you will maximize your minerals, avoid refined and processed ingredients, control your portions, and learn how to be consistent, eat clean, look better and feel amazing.

You deserve to feel better than just 'okay.' You deserve to live your dream life. Your body deserves superfoods and the gift of this night.

All ingredients are 100% ORGANIC and GLUTEN FREE