Tada Table(200)
San Francisco, CA


TaDa Table is a supper club created with home chef Sadie Dawson as the mastermind, head chef and menu curator. TaDa Table is known for cooking globally inspired soulfood - the food you'd have at your Grandma's house - the food that brings people together as a community. At a TaDa meal not only has careful consideration been given to the menu but also the decor, the lighting the music and the overall dining experience.

Having a career unrelated to food in Finance, Sadie have found Feastly to be the perfect opportunity to gather people together to celebrate community, her love of hospitality and global culinary adventures. She has been crafting delicious home cooked meals since she was a young sprout growing up in a tiny Northern California town living off the land- literally. In a rural area with a family of cooks 'Farm-to-Table' wasn't a trend, it was a way of life. The family breakfast conversation was always about dinner.

Sadie spends her free time traveling as an opportunity to taste great food and wine. She uses her trips as inspiration to try new recipes, and sites Argentina, France, Croatia, Mexico City and Malaysia as recent favorites- but also appreciates the charm of Southern soul food.

Sadie will often co host with other talented chefs for great collaborations in new and adventurous pop up venues. Kelly Dawson (Sadie's sister) has also made many memorable contributions to a number of TaDa's Feastly meals. Kelly's unique desserts have a cult following among those who have been lucky to taste them. Kelly and Sadie share the same palate and love cooking with big flavors and local/seasonal ingredients.

You're guaranteed to have an unforgettable meal at the TADA Dinner Table!