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Tasting IndiaTasting India/Spice without Borders
Chicago, IL


Chef Jasmine Sheth is a James Beard Foundation grant winner and creator of Tasting India; a culinary adventure that aims to showcase the breadth of Indian cuisine. Guests can get a culinary backstage pass via her bi-weekly Indian Regional menus (sign up via the website!) and through her artisanal, small batch blend of Spices, Masala Chai and Cardamom Coffee blends.

'Spice without Borders', as we like to call them, the line showcases versatile blends perfect for grilling, stir fry, stews and more! From East Indian Bottle Masala (a complex and flavorful blend of 42 spices) to Goda Masala (an earthy Coconut based blend perfect for Seafood, Vegetables, Stews and everything in between!); and the most aromatic Masala Chai blend you'll ever taste to Cardamom infused Chicory Coffee. There's something here for everyone!

Woven together with her personal stories of growing up in India, experiencing all that Tasting India has to offer, is like a rich cultural scavenger hunt!

Tasting India aims to shatter the stereotypes that have plagued Indian cuisine, showcasing the true breath of the cuisine beyond Butter Chicken and Naan, and to also help diners feel a sense of adventure in exploring different parts of the country through their palette!

Tasting India, a queer, WOC owned business and has been featured in The Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Eater, WBEZ/NPR and other publications.