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Thatcher Baker-BriggsNEW MAKER!

San Francisco, CA


Born in a small city in Canada, Thatcher knew from the age of 10 that restaurants were going to be his passion. By the age of 13, he had worked his way into the top restaurant in the city where he spent 5 years. After a few months in Europe, he returned back to Canada to work with some of the country’s best chefs in Vancouver and Toronto. After years in Canada, he decided to push his level of experience further by moving to San Francisco to work with Daniel Patterson at his current 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, COI. During his tenure at COI, he was exposed to the world of wine and decided to pursue the Court of Master Sommeliers at the age of 21. After becoming a certified sommelier, he began his career at Saison as a backwaiter. Freshly out of the kitchen, he amusingly reminiscences on being confused on which side the fork was supposed to be. After several years of rising through the ranks of Saison, Thatcher moved to Japan to run the beverage program of Takazawa in Tokyo expanding the wine list to over 1200 selections and focusing on old vintages of Burgundy and Champagne. This is where he fell in love with Sake and in a few short months, took on the challenge of the Kikizakeshi examination. Thatcher returned to San Francisco 2 years later and resumed his engagement with Saison. As Director of Service and Hospitality, he is excited to share his knowledge to ensure Saison’s commitment to service.