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The Bird & The Baker .NEW MAKER!
Los Angeles, CA


The Baker: With twenty years of experience in cooking and baking in Europe, Bernhard Reiss has a fondness for the Mediterranean and Asian cuisine as well as the specialties of his native southern German kitchen which are all part of his culinary world. He enjoys preparing largely vegetarian meals but can also create delicious menus that incorporate poultry and fish.' He is also a Berlin-based composer and multi-instrumentalist and is active in the areas of Experimental Pop Music, film scores and the improvisatory field of 'Music A La Minute”, working across and beyond genre boundaries as well as with various collaborators. 'My approach to composing music is the same in my passion for cooking and baking. The first ingredient in music is a heightened sense of listening and for food it’s the ability to taste with your nose. In composing music, I modulate sound structures and arrange sonic atmospheres, and in cooking and baking I combine colors, textures and aromatics.

The Bird: Elizabeth Yochim is a dancing art historian, who has organized art + play events in the US and abroad for over 10 years. Inspiring people and organizations to have more fun. Her company Participlay designs uniquely social, interactive, and participatory programming for people to experience life and art in a new way.