Philadelphia, PA


The last chef to be trained by Chef Georges Perrier of the famed Le Bec Fin; was the executive chef of his French Bistro. While there i received a 2 bel review from food critic Craig Laban. Participated in ChefDance 2016 for a George Perrier tribute dinner in honor of his movie “King Georges.” While being an Exec, i did a brief stage at PerSe training under Eli Kaimeh and Corey Chow. I was recruited by Starr Restaurants and agreed to come aboard as a Chef for Jones, 2 years, then The Dandelion.
While doing my share of time as a chef in a corporate environment, I realized that I missed being creative, i missed painting my canvases so when I was asked, I decided to compete on the infamous Food Network show “Chopped;” I won; 2019. I participated in various collaborative dinners, notably “Cooking for the Culture.” Now I’m an Executive Chef of a Modern Southern cuisine restaurant where I have complete control over the menu development.