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I have worked as a chef and culinary instructor for about 15 years. I am currently the producer and host of the Afros and Knives podcast, and a freelance food writer. What excites me about my work is the limitless opportunity I have to spark curiosity so that people feel seen and are inspired to develop a greater sense of connection with each other.

I began cooking professionally in 2006 and have spent the last twelve years working in kitchens across the country. My first line position was in Manhattan at The Fat Radish. I learned a tremendous amount about the craft and was challenged every day to push myself. I was a chef consultant in Nashville, as well as a culinary instructor for the Viking Cooking School. I spent two years developing the Grow Local Kitchen at the Nashville Farmers Market producing cooking demonstrations and classes. I have taken every opportunity to expand my cooking knowledge and experience, which has included time as the Kitchen Director and City Manager for Atlanta-based, woman-owned brand Sifted.

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