Tea and Food Pairing 101 - A Virtual Workshop

LivestreamNew York, NY


This is an alcohol-free event
taiwanese, asian, middle eastern
Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan
You've heard of pairing wine and food but tea and food?!? Who knew? Chef Tova is not only an experienced chef, she is also a tea sommelier In this class you will learn... 1. that teas have tannins (like wine) and this make it pair well with certain food 2. How to use tea's to bring out the smokiness or earthiness of a dish 3. How to drink tea with a meal to aid digestion

Menu detail

Tea Flavor Pairing Board
This tasting board will guide your pairing experience Tasting board Grocery List: 1 cucumber sliced a handful of toasted nuts or seeds 1 orange sliced 1 dark chocolate bar
Tea Tasting
Black Tea Green tea White tea Jasmine tea