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Tracy ChangNEW MAKER!

Boston, MA, USA


Tracy Chang’s love for the restaurant industry began at an early age at her Grandmother’s Japanese restaurant in Cambridge. Her grandmother, Chin-Fun Shiue, immigrated to Boston in the 1980’s and decided to open not only one restaurant, but several. At an early age, Tracy observed her grandmother’s hard work and leadership that created opportunities for other immigrants. While earning her B.S. in Finance from Boston College, her hunger for restaurant experience led her to work at O Ya. From there, she sought to learn pastry from the crème de la crème, and went on to study at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. From Paris, she traveled to Spain, where she won a scholarship to cook alongside Chef Martín Berasategui at his Michelin three-star restaurant in San Sebastian. Three months in to her scholarship with Berasategui, he offered her the rare opportunity to be his “mano derecha”, and she spent the rest of the year travelling alongside him to all events from Alicante to New York. With the help of Jesse Baerkahn and his team at Graffito SP, Tracy found the perfect home for PAGU, 310 Mass. Ave., nestled between Central Square and MIT, the hub of innovation. Tracy is excited to feed the community and continue her grandmother’s legacy. She looks forward to cultivating more than a bar, restaurant, and cafe; by bringing talented friends together over soulful food and sparkling conversation, they will create boundless opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Since opening, PAGU has garnered a three out of four stars, an “excellent” review from Boston Globe’s food editor, Devra First.