Crab 6 Ways: Lunar New Year Special

In-PersonOuter Richmond, San Francisco


BYOW,Available for purchase
Small (4-10 Guests)
This is a holiday-only crab menu for Lunar New Year 2018. Please message me to add seats. ***Thank you for understanding that I am unable to accommodate special dietary requests or substitutions.***

Menu detail

New Year Rainbow Salad (no substitutions)
Crab meat, finely shredded vegetables in assorted colors, crackers, sesame and plum dressing, kaffir lime, crushed peanuts. This salad is a traditional starter during Malaysian Lunar New Year celebration, where everyone at the table tosses all the elements together in harmony to invite good fortune and prosperity into the new year.
Slow Roasted Tomato Consommé (no substitutions)
Crab dashi and 16-hour tomato consommé & poached prawn. Served warm with dashes of sake and chili oil.
Soft Shell Crab with Laksa Cream (no substitutions)
Fried soft shell crab with coconut laksa cream.
Cured Yolk Cream Cereal Crab (no substitutions)
Dungeness crab in the shell (pre-cracked), cream of cured duck egg yolks, topped with homemade savory cereal.
Chili Crab & Fried Mantou (no substitutions)
Spicy house chili sauce with garlic, tamarind, fermented soy and shrimp paste, dungeness crab in the shell (pre-cracked), fried mantou buns for soaking up all the flavorful goodness.
Black Pepper Crab (no substitutions)
Spicy black pepper sauce with kicap manis and spices. Dungeness crab in the shell (pre-cracked).
Turtle Mochi for Longevity (no substitutions)
Turtle shaped sweet potato mochi stuffed with sweet purple yam (ube) paste.

Crab 6 Ways: Lunar New Year Special

In-PersonOuter Richmond, San Francisco
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