12-Course Malaysian Independence Banquet

SoMa, San Francisco

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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Everyone is invited to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Malaysia's independence! Malaysian chefs Tracy ( & Linda ( will be serving an elaborate long banquet table full of traditional delicacies known as "Tok Panjang" in *Peranakan creole. (*Peranakan defined _____________________________________________________ Thank you for understanding that we may not be able to accommodate special dietary requests as all courses are shared on a long communal table.

Menu detail

Kuih Cara Berlauk
Small Plate
Mini savory pancakes with bamboo shoots, jicama & shrimp. By Tracy.
Small Plate
Spiced fish parcels wrapped and cooked in banana leaves. By Linda.
Satay Ayam
Small Plate
Chicken satay served with house peanut sauce made from whole nuts. By Tracy.
Achar Nyonya
Small Plate
Turmeric & peanut pickle salad of assorted vegetables. By Linda.
Solok Lada
Small Plate
Stuffed Blue Leg Farms organic Fresno peppers with ground fish and coconut meat. By Tracy.
Laksa Kering
Small Plate
Brothless stir fried tangy asam laksa with tamarind and pineapple. By Tracy.
Nasi Kerabu & Condiments
Small Plate
Blue flower dyed rice salad with chopped herbs, fresh sambal belacan, roasted coconut meat, fish chips, salted duck egg. By Tracy.
Sambal Vegetables
Small Plate
Chef's sambal stir fried vegetables. By Linda.
Chicken & Candle Nut Curry Kapitan
Small Plate
Nyonya style chicken curry with candle nut. By Tracy.
Beef Rendang
Small Plate
Slow braised beef with many spices and aromatics, coconut milk & roasted coconut meat paste (kerisik). By Linda.
Nyonya Mango Salad
Small Plate
Nyonya style spicy mango kerabu with fresh herbs. By Linda.
Double Bingka Lapis Ubi
Two-tiered sweets made of a layer of grated Ubi Ungu (purple yam) and a layer of grated Ubi Kayu (cassava/yuca) with coconut cream. By Tracy.
Non-alcoholic. By Linda. BYOB/W.

12-Course Malaysian Independence Banquet

San Francisco, California

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