Malaysian Clay Pot

In-Person Sunset, San Francisco


Small (4-10 Guests)
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“Bak Kut Teh” literally means pork-bone-tea in Hokkien (Fujian) Chinese dialect. This particular type of BKT I am sharing is a Chinese-Malaysian dish originated in a city called Klang when Southern Chinese immigrants introduced some sort of pork stew to Malaya in the 19th century. Today's Malaysian BKT bears little resemblance to its Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts. It is extremely popular in Singapore and Malaysia, but is ironically almost unheard of in Northeast Asia. No substitutions.

Menu detail

Klang Style Bak Kut Teh
Different cuts of pork including ribs, belly and neck, slow cooked in a rich herbal broth with 14-day homemade black garlic that's been simmered for many hours. Topped with mushrooms, bean curds and greens. Served family style in a sizzling clay pot. There are a few varieties within Malaysia alone. Klang-style usually has a richer flavor and darker color with more emphasis on herbs, garlic, spices and soy sauce. Note that this is not Singaporean-style, which is a clearer broth with heavy use of white peppercorns. The way the two nations enjoy BKT though, is the same – always with hot tea, rice, greens and crullers.
Blanched greens with shallots and oyster sauce
Small Plate
Fried Crullers a.k.a Youtiao
Small Plate
For soaking up the rich Bak Kut Teh broth!
Garlic Rice
Jasmine rice cooked with garlic oil and pork fat.
Hot Tea
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Malaysian Clay Pot

In-Person Sunset, San Francisco
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